Peter Bain followers fall in.
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    Default Peter Bain followers fall in.

    Hi there,

    My name is David from Singapore. Wish to form a mastergroup locally or oversea. I am using Peter Bain Pivotal System and his COT group. This are the indicators he is using
    Moving Averages 200EMA, 100EMA and 50EMA
    Slow Stoch
    The M paradigm
    MACD divergence
    Bolligen Band

    Tom Demark Trendline
    Joe Chang price projection

    We can share and discuss charts together. via forum here.
    Need help here to demystify this EA
    My previous post.

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    Hi dante. do u have a link where i can check out that system?
    thanks! :P

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    Default Warning on Peter Bain...

    Please, do a research on Peter Bain before even thinking of going with him.
    He is yet another one of those questionable character peddling questionable stuff to newbies who also get a huge push from ForexBastards. Google Peter Bain and read.

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    Default More about Peter

    Peter Bain is ex future trader and has a team of forex trader who wishes to impart their experience via globalisation system through the power of the internet.

    His purchase cost me $500 SGD a cutthroat price compare to the Institution here. Do you know that 70% to 90% of our payment goes to the venue that we are sitting and the trainer's presence. I meant like what happen to value for money?

    Ok enough of complaints this is what you wish to hear.
    Peter Bain gives 6 months support via email through his daily AM reviews with powerpoint presentation via video recording. He will respond to your email 1 day after you post it to him. So support is there.

    His indicators as entry signals:
    Pure price action before London open gives you market sentiments where price will go.
    M Paradigm somewhat similar to Clarence Chee Pivots System which also project where price would go.
    MACD divergence
    Stoch undervalue or overvalue of price
    Tom Demark Trendline aka Resistance or Support line

    Exit signals via
    Tom Demark Price projection
    M paradigm reached
    Joe Change price projection

    COT Commitments of Traders tells you where the Big Dogs are playing with their smart money.
    Nonfarm payroll strategies.

    Archives worth of valuable insights and past AM reviews and best and best of all past experience recorded and replay at your leisure.

    ps: But wait don't rush to go and get his course. I have it and I am more then willing to share via cds. But on one condition, you see forexmentor has a collection of traders who also use the power of globalisation sell their course via internet.
    I also wish to use the power of many to leverage on this so called course providers so my deal is there are 2 course which are just as good. Frank Paul MACD course and Divergence as well as Seth Gregory Active Trader PM Reviews and his EA snowblower. Both are as equally good. And best of all less then $500 SGD. It is SGD. I know live person gives you more human touch. But pls if you can't make your money work harder for you or value over price that what the point.

    So lets join pact and leverage on this providers so that we can learn and grow together.

    pps Reviews Peter Bain Reviews | ForexMentor Ratings | reviews and ratings

    Youtube AM reviews YouTube - Peter Bain Live!

    Course price Order Forex Course and Mentorship Package, Hard Copy or Online Edition
    Remember don't buy get from me but must get something there to exchange with me.

    Forexmentor other course Forex Training
    Check Frank Paul COT and MACD. Seth gregory Active Trader Forex Profits With MACD Forex Profits With COT

    pps Peter did not pay me to do this. I do this because I want you people to engage in money for value over price for those courses locally produced killers that are sucking us dry for our hardearn bloodshed money.

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    Default Once again...

    People who push Peter Bain are from ForexBastards.
    Everyone who has actually made the mistake of
    using his signal services realized that it is the same
    crap sent by ForexBastards and it is all wrong
    resulting in huge losses.

    Again, I say learn to trade on your own. And if you
    must subscribe to a signal service, at least go with
    a known and established firm, not with anyone
    associated with ForexBastards. And you further
    insult people with a review written on ForexBastards
    site? Are you scammers kidding me?

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    Charlatans always seem to make sense intellectually.

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    Default Noted

    Hi there,

    Maybe I have no search articles or review about Peter Bain. Care to enlighten me to this aspect? I having thoughts of bringing their course over to Singapore as the locals are providing the Forex course way way expense like almost $3k SGD that is about $1.7k USD. And their support stinks.

    So would totally appreciate if you could send me links to such reviews on them.

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