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    it says at the top of thread ' become an honorary member of the fx men'
    was wondering whats that about?

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    Dec 2007
    Hi everybody,
    I've just completed the forex online course and found that it was very easy to follow.Will be revising the whole course again before trying my hand at the free Demo.You guys at School of Pipsology did a great job.Thanks

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    Default My Goal

    My goal is to become an honorary member of the FX-MEN. Otherwise . . . I would not choose DethStrike as my User Name.

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    Default Shameless plugs by newbies......

    I question why Get2Result is here with this kind of post? I thought this kind of post is not allowed? Personally, I call this a shameless plug to confuse and lure in poor unsuspecting newbies into parting with their money on a system that doesn't hold water like lots of hacks who say they are traders. There are so many of these kind of systems out there that do nothing but make money for the so called system developer. They are stolen systems that are just tweaked enough to be slightly different from established systems that real professional traders developed. If it was free for everyone to check out and evaluate then I would have no problem with this post but to me it is like some spammer trying to fleece the new trader out of money. There are many good systems out there, no doubt, but to shell this kind of cash ($198) is not sound in my book. If newbies want to find a system then go to the thread for free systems. If that isn't good enough then by a book or two from some of the many big names in this field (ex. Steve Nison, John L. Person, etc...) do research and save your money. To join a forum and the first post is something like this last post by Get2Result does not impress me or earn my respect.

    Just so newbies understand, and many of us here will agree, there is no holy grail or magical words you can say to make money in this line of work. There are many here who are willing to help you find information or even let you in on their system for no cost at all or you can be innovative and create your own system. Save your money and put it in your live account.

    "Anything worth a damn requires hard work, if it doesn't require hard work it's not worth a damn"

    "Everytime you think you make is the wrong move, you make the the wrong move everytime."

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    Default Newbies First Post

    Hi everyone, just thought I would say that I joined babypips for many many reasons, but mainly because I liked the logo. . New to Forex abd learning more and more everyday... Its just nice to know that there are other people out the just like me.

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    Post where's the intro page?

    It says newbie island. OK that's me!
    I love the School here, I haven't even finished preschool, but I am so glad I found this place. I got rooked by the hyip scam (before I figured out it was all a scam, yeah, I call myself fossilbrain) I'm ready for some educating in order to do this on my own.
    By the way, which forum can I ask questions about terminology and have it answered?
    Do experienced traders stop by in here to answer newbie questions??

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    hello guys l am new too in the world of forex and thanks for babypip for bringing me to the lime light just wanna let u all know that we will get there

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertchase View Post
    I hope this is the place to ask this. I am looking for a broker that will allow trading for very small amounts. 25.00 per trade or something like that. Also will their chart platform be as good as one used in the BIG guys?


    You can start with oanda - you can customized your lots to less than 1 mini lot.
    their chart should be ok... as long as you know the basics - everything is there.

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    Default Kapitan Pip

    I'm in. Afterall, I graduated from this babypip university!

    Just my suggestion to fellow newbies: "Know the basics, and know it well by heart."

    Forget those "money-making" systems you see on the net. Chances are, they will make money from you!

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    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Default Bravo Baby Pips!!

    Thanks a lot to Baby Pips! Because i can get a lot of useful and important informations & materials about forex trading...

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