Acceleration/Deceleration Indicator AC - modified!!!
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    Default Acceleration/Deceleration Indicator AC - modified!!!

    Has anyone out there had any experience with a modified version of this indicator?
    The original indicator is calculated as follows:
    AC bar chart is the difference between the value of 5/34 of the driving force bar chart and 5-period simple moving average, taken from that bar chart.
    AO = SMA(median price, 5)-SMA(median price, 34)
    AC = AO-SMA(AO, 5)

    The "modified version" would use the SMM (simple moving median) instead of the SMA (simple moving average) in order to calculate the AC-MOD (ified).
    Thanks for your feedback & comments!

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    can you post the indicator.

    it can be usefull

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    I am about to backtest this indicator within a manual test procedure and will post the results once completed......can take a few days. Hope to get more reliable signals for the common market movements/patterns out of it and filter out the "noise".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruilima22 View Post
    can you post the indicator.

    it can be usefull
    I agree. Will be interested to see this indicator.

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