Forex gadgets for windows 7
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    Default Forex gadgets for windows 7

    As the title suggest, im looking for some good forex gadgets for windows 7 (computer system).
    Please share your favourite ones here.

    Im looking for.
    - A good desktop live chart.
    It should be a gadget which updates every hours or so and big a well. A normal easy chart that should be attached and run in the background.

    - A gadget for live forex feeds.
    Something like the included news live feed. But this one should only big up forex news

    - A toolbar.
    A where you could get news and online forex radio

    Thanks for an awesome forum and site btw ..

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    Default Try This

    By coincidence I noticed this thread on another forum which I think has what you are looking for. I haven't tried, so I can't comment on it.

    Windows Vista/7 desktop widget with realtime Forex rates - anybody interested? @ Forex Factory

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    Cool RE: forex gadget for windows

    Forex gadget? I love when new stuff comes out. It's not fun to having old tools.
    I found a call for beta testers at the website FOREX GADGET. I signed up for it.
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    Forex gadgets is really new term for me. I don't have any idea about it, so interested to know more about Forex gadgets.

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    is there like any other widgets/gadgets out there, sounts like fun

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    I know good one called Market 24h Clock gadget (Win 7).

    about: a gadget showing working hours of major Stock Exchanges in UTC (minutes and seconds are coordinated with your computer time and switch to Daylight Saving Time and revert to standard time of major Stock Exchanges are taken into account).

    I can't post links yet, so just google "Market 24h Clock gadget" and it will be the first link.

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    Here is the one I've started using recently, recommend: TrueFX gadget (you can see Real-time Forex quotes from TrueFX). Here is how it looks like on my desktop:
    Name:  true-fx.png
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    Are u looking for some cool gadgets on your desktop just to make your screen look like a forex trader's desktop screen?or is there any need to add them to your desktop?

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    I think they are useful while learning how to trade mostly. But it's always nice to have a quick piece of information when you don't have much time.

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    here is how the market 24h clock gadget looks like, by the way:

    Name:  gadget.png
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