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    Quote Originally Posted by mlawson71 View Post
    That realization hit me maybe about three years into my learning process. I was going through another university education – all by myself, without any teachers, and I was investing my money in it. It was a very sobering thought.
    Hello. I would like to know how many yeas have you been trading already, and are you already profitable now?

    My trading experience is almost 1 year as I just started in May 2016. I was never able to withdraw money because I always wipe out my micro account. I wanna now how many years does it take to become a consistently profitable trader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orfilla4 View Post
    I wanna now how many years does it take to become a consistently profitable trader.
    Thats a difficult one to answer. Individual traders are going to take different amounts of time to become consistently profitable.
    So many factors will affect the time it takes, the traders level of intelligence, their pre-trading background, the time and effort they put into studying fx before and while they are traders, their support group (if any) and the groups experiences.
    May be easier to try any suggest a minimum amount of time it could take.
    Assuming a new trader joins here from scratch, has an average IQ, no previous experience in fx or related fields, and is a lone trader (not part of a support group of other traders), then I would hazard to suggest min. 12 months of study during which he/she can demo trade as they start, moving onto a small live account after a few months, and say another 18 months minimum before they can honestly claim to be consistently profitable. This would give a minimum 2 and a half years, in my own opinion.
    Clearly other people will have their own opinions, this is just my thoughts.

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