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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezzode View Post
    MasterKiwa, how can someone who has been a member here for so long post so much incorrect, misdirected garbage?

    You're coming up with your own theories on what is already proven fact.
    Thanks a lot for supporting your baseless claim. Why don't you pick something I said and share some post which supports otherwise.

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    Back test it on your chart (5m), you tell me..... I use 4 other systems with a similar strategy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKiwa View Post
    Thanks a lot for supporting your baseless claim.

    Jezzode is right. You're wrong.

    Stop trolling us, and please stop posting garbage.

    It may help you to ask yourself why PoPip, WTTJungle, Jezzode and I are all complaining about your posts, here, and I recommend that you do that (and then either change your behaviour or find another forum to post in).

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    Forex is risky and tough business & knowledge about forex, vast demo trading experience make the difference and getting both qualities we have to spend lot of time in order to become the successful trader and for profitable trade.

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    At least, 1 full financial year is required to be a good trader. You need full attention and focus on all major economic events that drive the market. Then you will be able to trade good enough.

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    It takes a long, long time to be a profitable trader because learning proper Forex trading is like getting another college or university education. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it really isn't. There is a lot of information to study and remember, and then it takes a long time to practice what you've learned.

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    That’s really true, I have also noticed all of successful Forex traders have long time trading experience! Perhaps for the reason that, it takes a long time to make a profitable trading strategy and plan! I have 2 years trading experience but till now I am working on news analysis, yes I am satisfied on my technical skill!

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    We came across lot of trading tutorials, articles from lot of websites. We have to learn basics. What is Forex? What are the terms used in Forex? Pips, pipette, Bid, Ask, Base & Quote currency, spread, lot, Buy, Sell, Instant or pending orders, Margin, Leverage etc. It takes some time. We practiced each and every strategy in demo account. We have to confirm that the strategy we are used is correct. It is taking some time. Then we move into Live Trading account. It is completely different from demo regarding money, time, emotions etc. So we have to experience something here also. Finally we have confirmation of when to trade, which pairs to trade etc. Now we have little bit knowledge on trading. We experience how the market moves when there are news releases, Geo-political issues, important news events and how it is matched with the technical analysis and what is the price level at that time. We have came across many profits and losses and finally gets experience on trading. All news releases, price movement did not occur in a single day. So we need to watch and gets idea from market movement. It may takes time.
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