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    Lol, just that I figured that it wasn't a pint.

    Nothing wrong with the odd glass of sauvignon

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    As per my opinion, forex is not a gamble because it requires a lot of analysis and taking steps as per the market trends otherwise we only loose our money.

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    Forex trading is not a scam; it is a real business which can be profitable if treated like one. Forex is legit but is extremely easy to lose money in a very unpredictable manner. Yes it can be a losing gamble if you invest huge amounts without having a clue of what you are doing and just relying on luck. Forex demands proper trading strategy with money management tools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
    I have seen according to my trading experience the traders who are not able to make profit from this trading place and consistency loser only these consider Forex as scams.
    Maybe yes because making profit in trading is not easy and might they often facing with loss and can't get earning from this business hence they said forex as scam business because they hate forex due can't make money, but indeed risk in forex also always there and choose broker also important

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    I suggest that success in trading is based on your own self discipline.. and I base that on my own successes and failures.

    When I get into silly mode, I get clobbered, and when I trade my plan and the setups that I have mastered, then I do ok....

    To compute data based on other people is of no value...... the only decision maker that has to be measured is yourself.... and I guess that is why we should have a documented trading plan and a documented trading journal...... the two things that many traders are reluctant to use.

    Happy Weekend, everyone!!

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    Forex trading is not a gamble as there are many genuine traders in the market who trade and earn well. Only those who had suffered huge losses in this market consider it to be a gamble. There is a risk in trading like you can familiarize yourself with technical indicators, gain knowledge and study fundamental analysis from dusk till dawn but there still remains some risk while trading. That’s not a scam but risk is natural in every type of business. Effective risk management can help to mitigate these losses. Just be patient and trade with due confidence after gaining sufficient knowledge of the market.

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    Its easier to say Forex is a scam than it is to admit you dont know what youre doing

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    Trading only gambling when we take the risk beyond our limits, I would like to say that forex is the best earning platform and it is not a scam business, we have to need knowledge, experience and skills in order earn huge amount from this business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Ray View Post
    Its easier to say Forex is a scam than it is to admit you dont know what youre doing
    Haha, Love it. A lot of truth in your comment.

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    If you can win real money you won't be here. If you win few peanuts per day that is not worth it. If probability can be anticipated then yes for some events like Federal bank rates went up recently so the dollar went up.No it didn't but still we can explain events afterwards. Sorry but I feel this forum must be infiltrated with brokers agents, good job

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