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    Quote Originally Posted by tommor View Post
    I totally recommend Devon as a place to live - you just have to accept it as what it is - a large island off England. These could be good points or bad, depends on your viewpoint -
    * most of the population is elderly, half of it is retired, there is almost no ethnic diversity
    * we drive about slowly (there are few good roads anyway)
    * it rains a lot (but hardly ever freezes)
    * even the "big" shops never have what you want or in the right size
    * all service is slow (but exceptionally friendly), everybody wants to chat rather than get on with the job
    * the countryside and coasts are gorgeous.
    I shall never leave.
    Having moved down here two years ago I would second all of these - and add that the county is without doubt home to some of the best pubs in the known universe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jezzode View Post
    Is this what happens when one passes a certain age lol

    I dont suppose Tipping Point, The Chase, Deal or no Deal and Pointless are on your list for a Sunday afternoon, too :P
    Bloody hell this is my life :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukdave View Post
    Bloody hell
    I don't think anyone appreciates the above comment more than a Brit - I've worked in various European countries when I used to be a c0cktail bartender, both on private yachts and city bars, none of which quite understood 'bloody hell', ha
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