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    BTW ...

    For anyone watching this thread, IBA Markets have gone to ground (not answering calls, emails and now their website has disappeared). But they are still around under different names.

    About IBA Markets and their scam - Victim portal for those scammed by IBA Markets has more details.

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    They say that reality is stranger than fiction and I’ve come to firmly believe in that saying.

    British magnate Sir Richard Branson, owner of the conglomerate Virgin Group, has warned the public that criminals are using his name to dupe people into buying fake investments involving binary options.

    According to the City of London Police, Branson has spoken out after a growing number of fraud victims are complaining to the police that were scammed by fraudsters claiming that he, or his companies, are involved in the investment hoax. Victims have also contacted Sir Richard himself, claiming they have invested in his companies.

    I don’t know what’s weirder – that the scammers are using the name of a company that actually has nothing to do with binary options or that people believe them.

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    I'm just appaulled at such a level of fraud and arrogance, I have something to learn from that. Maybe I'll also become a trader!

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