How I trade Binary Options thoughts, emotions and analysis (Uncut) (Video)
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    Lightbulb How I trade Binary Options thoughts, emotions and analysis (Uncut) (Video)

    (It's called more life because that's the name of the challenge I made for myself. It also happens to be the name of drakes recent album) Just thought I show the community the way I trade binary options. This video shows everything including how I'm thinking during the trades. I had place a total of 6 trades today. My balance was $4,000 when I started. All other trades are recorded for the start of the day. Feel free to look at how I operate while trading binary options. This is just an example of a mindset to have.

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    Pretty good video. Keep up the good work.

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    Very nice video here. And can you help me with binary options trading, guys?

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