Anybody else in on the crazy ETH gains of the past month?
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    Default Anybody else in on the crazy ETH gains of the past month?

    I started buying at $13 in mid February just get my feet wet and get in on the craze, also testing out Coinbase mobile app deposits and the website. Since then, ETH has been on a tear, currently at $96! I've been trying to follow TA from others, but there's not much out there. And what is there, hasn't held up long enough with ETH moving the way it has been to know whether it's accurate or not. I think we're at 100%+ gains over the last month. 600%+ since mid February Any suggestions on better analysis?

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    So ETH is in the $175-185 range, depending on where you go. Up 100% in the last 7 days. Is nobody else in on this craziness? BTC above $2200. Up 30% over the same time period. Is anybody trading these?

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