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    Dear lexys
    This text of your communication with our support service is true. I can confirm this information. However, I would like you to pay attention to the fact that there are numerous examples when regulated brokers stopped to provide services and traders suffered. We have chosen another way i.e. to provide clients with comfortable trading conditions, to enlarge the number of trading tools and to offer new products. Now when we have reached our previously established goals we have applied for regulation and this process is already launched.
    It is to notice that regulation will never influence the quality of our services. We offer quality service, all traders can withdraw money according to our inner regulation. In order to prove this fact we invite you to use an opportunity to take a 50USD bonus and to test our services. Please, be so kind to leave your point of view using your trading experience with our company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamant Finance View Post
    we invite you to use an opportunity to take a 50USD bonus and to test our services.

    Thank you for the offer, but for the reasons I referred to above, it really wouldn't interest me to test the services of an unregulated broker, because however smooth and professional they appeared to be on a test with a $50 "bonus", I would never be willing to trade with them with my own money anyway; nor in my opinion should any other member of this forum.

    Nothing personal at all, but if you don't want experienced, professional traders pointing out that you're unregulated and advising fellow-members to avoid you, then don't set up business in the Caribbean and promote yourselves in public forums, essentially asking their members to deposit funds with you, without being regulated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamant Finance View Post
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Marek, and I am an official representative from Adamant Finance.

    Please feel free to use this thread as a way of asking any questions about your account, trading software or anything related to your Adamant Finance experience.

    Kind regards,*
    Adamant Finance team
    I have visited your broker, I see a dazzling web view and hopefully all services will be satisfactory. but I have to ask if your broker will expand to Asia.

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