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    Default On-Line Forex Trading Course

    Hi Good day everyone,

    There are quite a dozen on-line courses available in the net offering various forex trading courses.

    Would like to hear about the community's advises.

    Any comments and recommendation will be highly appreciated.

    Thank You

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    Dont sign up for any of them.
    Theres a perfectly good free school right here on BP, click the school tab above

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    I agree with the post above, first read the whole information in the school, also you can find a lot of information in internet. Don’t stop studying and trying to trade on demo account. Don’t forget that there is no easy way to the success.

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    Don't ever buy any online courses while still learning. Thats the only advice you need

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    Hey Albert,

    My advice,

    1. Choose the one that has proven results

    2. Choose the one that provides a trading style that suits you..if you want to keep your Day Job, then Day Trading not the best approach. If you have time, then choose a good Day Trading strategy that works...

    3. The results from the strategy that they teach must be what you want to earn for yourself. Many great strategies/courses out there, but if its not enough to meet your financial targets, not worth it.

    4. Once youve chosen, practice with it on a Demo to ensure it meets these targets. Try it for at least 6 Months, to ensure it works under most conditions.

    5. Go Live with it once it meets all the standards you have established for a good strategy...Profit Target, Easy to Follow. etc..

    I have preference for Candlesticks & Price Action instead of Statistical Indicators.
    Indicators complicate things because you gonna need to get convergence and your chart will be cluttered....

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    With Candlesticks and Trend Lines, a lot simpler

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    Separate genuine from scams and frauds and you good to go...BUT

    Once you go Live with the strategy..do not get lazy and complacent and stop following the rules once you start making money. Trading...like life..is an unforgiving b....ch...will punish us once we get arrogant.



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