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    Hi there.
    I am a very new newbie to fx trading so I hope this question won't be laughed out of the forum. When setting trend lines on candlesticks, do the trend lines line up with the top of the shadows or the top of the real bodies?And likewise, the bottom of the shadows or bottom of the real bodies?
    Do these trend lines need to be exactly parallel?
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gink View Post
    I hope this question won't be laughed out of the forum.

    It won't be.

    It's an important question and one that many people seem not quite to understand.

    However, it was asked and answered yesterday (together with your second question, actually!) - right here.

    And welcome to the forum (or "welcome as a posting member", I should say, since you've been here silently for nearly 3 years!).

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    Big thanks Lexys.
    Shortly after joining 3 years ago, other unfortunate circumstances took over. However, the last 3 weeks I've been schooling around learning fx and Reading through posts etc. I hope to be able to help others soon just as you are.

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