Top Forex Forecast for EUR/USD by A 5-yrs Elloitt Wave Analyst (Update Daily)
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    Exclamation Top Forex Forecast for EUR/USD by A 5-yrs Elloitt Wave Analyst (Update Daily)

    Hi, all, you can call me wARtist, my nickname on the web. I am been surfing in the financial market for 5 years, using almost all kinds of methods you've heard, Warren Buffett's Value Investment, trend analysis, William Gann's theory, and last, the Elloitt Wave Principle. The last one really makes money for me for the last three years, consistantly. But until recently I decide to write something, like a daily report stuff, share with people who also likes forex tickchart prediction or something. Hope to help.

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    EUR/USD H4 Tickchart Feb 5 2011

    It was a tragedy yesterday, the EUR/USD has dropped drastically to around 1.3550, which of course, has broken the lower edge of the rising channel. It means, the end of the wave 3, rather than the end of the wave 3(3).

    Remember what I told you yesterday? I told you to wait and wait, until we got anything clear and sure. It seems worth the time waiting. Today we’ve escaped from such a crash. So, this is the right strategy to avoid getting into the uncertain risk. We succeeded, right? Let’s move on. For the past few days, we’ve earned a lot from my Elliott wave forex forecast. We’d all appreciate Mr. Elliott’s contributions.

    After the recounting of this EUR/USD H4 forex chart shown below, we could say, right now EUR/USD is going to from the wave 4, to be specific, the wave 4b marked in orange color. We can see that wave 4a is a 5-wave zigzag standard structure, so the up coming wave 4b is highly expected to be a 3-wave platform structure, of course, it’s gonna be a rising wave.

    As long as it doesn’t go lower than the wave 1, which is approximately 1.3460, it’ll be safe for us to buy rather than sell within 48 hours.

    Look at its beautiful curve in wave 4a, try to feel it and grasp the core of the nature’s beauty and God’s will.

    Good luck again joining in this forex game.

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    Exclamation EUR/USD H4 Forex Forecast Feb 7 2011

    As seen in this morning's tickchart, EUR/USD is gonna go for wave 4b, definitely a rise wave, wave 4b would normally expect to be a standard 3 wave abc platform.

    Talking about the coming wave 4b, which is forecast to be an abc plateform, let's call them (a)(b)(c).

    The most fascinating thing in here would be, an extremely accurate prophecy, (a)(b)(c) would be a 3-3-3 structure. If it's a standard platform, it'll be the best chance for us forex trader to make great profit from it. I hope we can make 50 pips today.

    Good luck.

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    i think eur/usd still got momentum for a downtrend. i going for short guy...what do you think?..i short from 1.3640 and pt1 is 1.35080.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saifulfarasofea838410 View Post
    i think eur/usd still got momentum for a downtrend. i going for short guy...what do you think?..i short from 1.3640 and pt1 is 1.35080.
    I don't think short would be a good idea. If you are a day-trader, I can say the chance of shorting is less than the buying.
    Just read my analysis. I did buy yesterday and earned 60 pips by now.

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    Default EUR/USD H4 Forex Forecast Feb 9 2011

    Well, everybody is and was smiling from yesterday to now, we made real money thanks to Elliott Wave’s forex forecast. Anyway, I didn’t maximize the profit, only earning 60 pips, which is enough. What about you? You should feel unlucky not seeing my previous articles or not following my forex forecast. No matter. We have chance every day.

    As we can see from this EUR/USD H4 chart, a new rising channel has been established, which is definitely the wave 4b. I have predicted that wave 4b would be a platform 3-wave structure, up till now, I don’t see any obvious 3-wave structure from the rising channel. I don’t see the H1 chart because I don’t want to be distracted by the minor turbulance of the wave. I have mentioned in one article recently talking about the mechanism of Forex Forecast, maybe you will be willing to see it.

    What are we gonna do now? Altho we don’t see a clear sub-structure of wave 4b, it doesn’t mean the wave 4b won’t be over for the next few minutes. The classic ratio for length of b/a would be 61.8%, which means it’ll reach around 1.3715. While 50% would also be possible, even 31.8%. My advice now would be, close the position now.

    It seems from the chart now, that the sub-structure wave b(a) is over, now wave b(b) is running, which is falling. Of course wave b(b) would be for a short time, the next wave b(c) will still be the rising one. It’s up to you.

    Remember what Jigsaw always says, the choice is yours.
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