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    EURUSD having a little move today as major bank holiday. But the fact is EURUSD is still above the support 1.0850 (previous resistant). And next resistant is 1.0981. We should see bullish EURUSD till Wednesday.

    US NFP data of next Friday will play a major role to set the direction for EURUSD. And ahead of final round French election trading EURUSD carry significant risk. Please don’t trade without a SL.

    Happy trading.
    Check the chart.

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    I think that in a next few minutes, the market will have slight downtrend and in this afternoon, the temporary bottom may be appear at 111.80 - 111.85. This price range is expected to be the fulcrum for investors to buy in the medium term. In general, technical factors favor the uptrend of the USD / JPY pair with a short-term target of 112.60 and 113.30 farther.

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    EU pair as we have seen is going one way show despite the positive NFP report; it’s all to do with French Election, as the outcome is likely to be in favor of Euro and that has got the things rolling, if the outcome is indeed that way then we might see the pair rise up very far.

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    A bearish Dollar is helping EURUSD bull, it’s worth to mention that US retail sales and core CPI data was less than expected last Friday however, economic slowdown is getting better as Yellen told the market.
    Technical price action of EURUSD is facing an important resistant 1.09811 and the higher high trendline also met there as you can see in the chart. A breakout of this level would be significant for EURUSD bull and 1.11231 is likely the next resistant zone.
    On the other hand, Opening Gap high of May 8 would serve as double top, and market should have respect that. A fail to break 1.09811 would open door for the EURUSD to the major support 1.07603. But 1.0850 would play a vital support between them.
    Happy trading.
    Check the chart.

    (my prices and chart from tickmill, your broker could have different price range)

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