EUR/USD Daily Chart Reviews
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    Default EUR/USD Daily Chart Reviews

    What’s up homies! I realized that I have some time to spare in between fixing my fro and sparklin’ up all my bling so I thought I’d make daily EUR/USD chart reviews for y’all.

    The plan is to upload a 15-minute chart of EUR/USD on a daily basis with annotations on what happened the day before. You’ll see a bunch of colored lines on the charts and here’s what they mean:

    Green – previous day high and low (PDL)
    Blue – previous week high low (PWL)
    Pink – day open price (DO)
    Purple – week open price (WO)
    Black – major (00s) and minor psychological (50s) handles (will also be called MaPs and MiPs)

    As a brotha lookin’ out for all my others brothas and sistahs, I figured that this could help us all understand price action better. Ya dig?

    Without further ado, here's my first chart review!

    Name:  bp-eurusd-20120710.jpg
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    What do you think? Is this a good idea? Is this something you'd read on a daily basis? Let me know!

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    It s something I ll definitely be following daily.

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    Keep this going! This would be awesome! A lot to learn from this. Keep rockin' the fro, yo.

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    This is a very good idea but again, you need to go further by analyse the chart and give your own view of the market..

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    Good idea! but don't forget to include you thought and possibilities....

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    Babypips just gets better and better !!

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    A great idea, but maybe include the announcements (expectations, GMT) for the following day?

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    Dude this is awesome!

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    Nice Work. Please keep it coming.

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    That's a solid yes please do this.

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