ForexPeoples Daily Technical Analysis for EURUSD
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    Default ForexPeoples Daily Technical Analysis for EURUSD

    For Tomorrow Trade (opening price) :

    On yesterday (Friday) = we see the price bulls here - I see it's equal to the TCCI 20 day that now on look bulls. The price on Friday can touch that pivot at 1.2394. but then failed to pullback down. So, on my see for next price probably movement = this pair can become more bulls after truly that pivot 1.2394 can be break by price from bottom, of course.


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    Monday, July 30, 2012

    The bulls still look here. We see the TCCI 20 day on (daily TF) still show this bulls with it's lime color line. Then, of course = this still to product bulls to test again that pivot line at 1.2394. So, on my simple analysis = search for nice Buy on smaller TF = better idea here.


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    Tuesday, July 31, 2012

    The big trend by look with TCCI - till now still on bulls, of course. But for today move, be aware of the bearish - I see the price try to test again to that 23.6 fib line (at 1.2195). So, of course - this could probably bearish first here till that 23.6 fib. But, for big move = this pair on still probably bulls = Once again = I see the TCCI 20day still give us a bulls pic to us.


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    Wednesday, August 01, 2012

    Till now, I see - the EURUSD on still bulls trend - the TCCI 20 day still show this bulls, of course. On the big trend, we can see that the strong bulls on this pair can play nice here if the price from bottom was truly can break up more to that pivot line at 1.2394. So, for this time = search for next nice Buy OP = better. I see.


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    Thursday, August 02, 2012

    The EURUSD on look to probably more bearish = after the price till now can be open on bellow that TCCI line (Daily TF). So, of course, I see = search for next nice Sell OP here for today can be better idea. Please look to the 23.6 fib at 1.2208. If that 23.6 fib can be break by price from top = Yes, I see the more nice bearish here. Search for Sell on smaller TF = better.


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    Friday, August 03, 2012

    I see - the more bearish probability still look here. The candle till now still play bellow that TCCI (daily TF), And so, because of this - I see the more price to become more bearish can be here if then price on today move can break down more the daily breakout line (1.2133). So, search for next nice Sell OP here better if truly price can break down to that daily breakout line (1.2133). I see.

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    Sunday, August 05, 2012 (Analysis price for next opening price - tomorrow)

    On last Friday, We can see that price on EURUSD look bulls trend and almost break that pivot line (1.2394). But look still failed to break that pivot 50% fibo. Then, I see the trend on daily TF still nice bulls, this can be see from the TCCI line that till now still on bulls. So, on my see if then price can break up more that pivot = break from bottom, search fro nice Buy OP here = better, of course.


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    What do u think Tomorrow?bullish or bearish?

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    Hi, bro sham1303
    here is my Analysis :

    Monday, August 06, 2012

    The bulls still look here = after we see the price now can be open on above that pivot line (1.2394) on Daily TF. Then, with this simple candle look = of course, I can predict that probably price to test more up to max. near that golden fibo ratio = here (61.8 fib = 1.2477). So, yes, search for nice Buy OP here using smaller TF = better, I see.


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    Tuesday, August 07, 2012

    The trend till now on still bulls = Can be see from the TCCI on daily TF (TCCi with using 20 day average). And yes, I see this will probably more bulls again if that daily breakout line at price 1.2442 can be break too by price from bottom = if that happen = Search for Buy OP = better, then, I see.


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