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    Smile AceTraderFx Mar 19: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (EUR/USD)

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views

    19 Mar 2015

    EUR/USD - ....... Reuters reported Greece faces a liquidity problem and needs the cooperation of its European lenders to deal with a possible cash crunch, its deputy prime minister said.
    Greece has been kept afloat since 2010 by EU/IMF bailouts totaling 240 bln euros and risks running out of cash in weeks amid a widening rift with its creditors.

    "We haven't received any (bailout) tranches since August 2014 but we have been meeting all of our obligations," Deputy PM Yannis Dragasakis told Greek Alpha TV. "This has its limits."

    Asked whether Greece risked running out of cash if it does not reach a deal with its lenders, Dragasakis said:

    "Of course we have a liquidity problem, for the reason I mentioned. We have obligations which, in order for us to meet, we need the good cooperation of the European institutions."

    Dragasakis ruled out early elections or a referendum should Athens's negotiations with the euro zone fail. "There are some things that we need to keep in the back of our minds ... (however) neither elections nor a referendum are on the table at the moment," he said, without elaborating on what the referendum might be on.

    Earlier news on Reuters quoting comments from Greek deputy PM who says :
    -Greece has a liquidity problem, we need good cooperation with EU partners to meet our obligations.
    -grexit does not concern us, it is not an option for our government.
    -a referendum is not on the table at the moment.

    Yesterday European Council President Donald Tusk confirmed he would hold talks with the leaders of France, Germany and Greece and the heads of the European Central Bank and the euro group on Thursday to discuss the Greek debt crisis.
    President Francois Hollande, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as well as the ECB's Mario Draghi will participate in the meeting, while Jeroen Dijsselbloem will also be present, a spokesman for Tusk said.
    The talks will take place on the sidelines of an EU summit in Brussels.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Mar 24: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (EUR/USD)

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    24 Mar 2015

    EUR/USD - ..... Despite a brief retreat from 1.0953 to 1.0943, renewed buying emerged above Asian sup at 1.0904 n lifted price from 1.0907 to 1.0964 in European morning.

    At the moment, stops locating just above yesterday's high of 1.0972 are now in focus, however, more selling interest from various accounts are placed at 1.0990-00, 1.0915/20 and then 1.0930-40.
    On the downside, bids are various accounts are building up from 1.0930 down to 1.0900 with mixture of bids and stops emerging below 1.0880.

    Earlier Reuters reported Greece will present its proposed package of reforms to its euro zone partners by next Mon in hopes they will release much needed cash, its gov’t spokesman said on Tuesday "It will be done at the latest by Mon," gov’t spokesman told Mega TV.

    Greek PM Alexis Tsipras met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday but it was unclear if they had narrowed differences on economic reforms Athens must implement to win urgently to get fresh aid fm its creditors.

    Sakellaridis said the package of reforms Athens will propose will not contain recessionary measures but structural changes. He said Tsipras and Merkel on Mon discussed the outline of the reforms but did not go into depth. "I believe points of convergence were found," Sakellaridis said.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 1: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (EUR/USD)

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    01 Apr 2015

    EUR/USD - ...... Despite release of a slew of better-than-expected mfg PMIs from euro zone n its member countries, active cross-selling in euro kept price under pressure in European morning n price extended fall from Asian high of 1.0792 to 1.0742 b4 moving sideways.

    Offers are noted at 1.0760-70 n around 1.0780 with mixture of offers n stops emerging above 1.0800. On the downside, bids are placed at 1.0730/20 n around 1.0715 with stops located just below 1.0700.

    Research group Markit said on Wed that French manufacturing PMI rose to a seasonally adjusted 48.8 in Mar, from 48.2 in the preceding month, German manufacturing PMI rose to a seasonally adjusted 52.8, from 52.4 in the preceding month, and euro zone's manufacturing PMI rose to 52.2, from 51.9 in the preceding month.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 10: Intra-Day News and Views (EUR/USD) & data to be released today

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    10 Apr 2015

    EUR/USD - ...... Euro gains respite temporary respite in Asia after clocking up 4 consecutive days of losses. Although euro tumbled on Thur below last week's low at 1.0713 to a fresh 2-1/2 week trough at 1.0637 in NY due to renewed broad-based strength in the greenback n comments from IMF head Christine Lagarde (see prev. update), short-covering lifted price near NY close n price recovered to 1.0684 in Asian morning on Fri.

    Euro's weakness since the beginning of this week suggests selling the single currency on intra-day recovery is favoured today. At the moment, offers are tipped at 1.0685/90, 1.0700-10 n then 1.0735/40 with stops building above 1.0750, whilst bids are noted at 1.0650-40 with stops below 1.0600.

    It was reported Greece could suffer if it were forced to default on its payments n exit the euro zone, while the currency bloc is better able to weather such a shock than it was 4 years ago, the head of the IMF said on Thursday.
    "I think it would be a terrible situation for the Greek people," IMF MD Christine Lagarde said on CNBC in response to a question about a potential Greek exit from the currency bloc.
    She added that the euro zone is now in a less vulnerable position due to its banking union n strengthened fiscal union.

    Friday will see the release of China CPI, PPI, France industrial output, UK industrial output, manufacturing production, Canada housing starts, unemployment rate, U.S. export price index, import price index and Fed budget.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 17: Intra-Day News and Views (EUR/USD) & data to be released today

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    17 Apr 2015

    EUR/USD - ...... The single currency went trough a 'mini' roller-coaster session in European morning. Although euro rose marginally above Asian high of 1.0787 to 1.0791 and then tanked to a fresh session low at 1.0738 on news from Kathimerini newspaper saying that overseas bank subsidiaries have been told to exit Greek debt exposure, renewed cross-buying in euro lifted price above 1.0800 level to 1.0804.

    At present, stops located just above yterday's high of 1.0818 are in focus, however, offers from various accounts are placed at 1.0830-40 and around 1.0850.
    On the downside, bids are noted at 1.0770-60 and then 1.0740-30 with mixture of bids and stops at 1.0720-10.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 22: Intra-Day News and Views (EUR/USD) & data to be released today

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views

    22 Apr 2015

    EUR/USD - ...... Although euro retreated briefly from 1.0748 to 1.0727 after comments from ECB's Executive Broad Member Benoit Coeure (see our prev. MMN), price rebounded at shortly after European open n climbed to a fresh session high of 1.0757.

    At the moment, offers are noted at 1.0760-70 with stops reported above 1.0785. On the downside, bids are placed at 1.0730/25, 1.0720-10 n more below with fairly large stops touted below yesterday's low at 1.0660.
    No major EZ data are due out today except for a slew of eco. releases from Italy.

    This morning although euro rallied from 1.0660 to 1.0782 after EZ FinMins removed deadline of Greek fiscal reforms, euro retreated in NY afternoon after buying evaporated. Despite trading narrowly in Australia, traders sold euro on the New York Times report of the ECB is demanding a 50% cut in the value of collateral Greek banks have deposited with the central bank for loan. Euro briefly hit intra-day low of 1.0717 before stabilising.

    Looks like range trading is in store until European open as market awaits reaction of the NYT report fm European traders. No major EZ data are due out today except for a slew of eco. releases from Italy.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 23: Intra-Day News and Views (EUR/USD) & data to be released today

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    23 Apr 2015

    EUR/USD - ...... Although Gfk said that its index of Germany's consumer climate rose to the highest in 13.5 years at 10.1 in May, euro showed muted reaction to the data as it missed the median forecast of economist at 10.2. Earlier, cross-selling in euro pressured the EUR/USD pair below 1.0700 level to 1.0691 in Asia before staging a recovery to 1.0718.

    Investors are now awaiting the release of Markit PMIs for France, Germany and euro zone for more clues on the economic condition in euro zone area.

    At the moment, offers are tipped at 1.0720-30, 1.0740/45 and then around 1.0750 with stops located just above 1.0760.
    On the downside, bids are touted at 1.0685/80, 1.0670-60 and then 1.0640/30 with stops emerging just below 1.0620.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 28: Intra-day Market Moving News and Views (EUR/USD)

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    28 Apr 2015

    EUR/USD - ...... The single currency moved inside in a relatively narrow range of 1.0867-1.0884 in subdued Asian trading before staging a brief rise to 1.0896 shortly after European open.
    Investors showed muted reaction to the comments from ECB's Noyer (see our previous MMN).

    In European morning, INSEE showed the French consumer confidence rose in April, French consumer confidence rose to 94 from 93 in the preceding month, in line with market's expectation.

    At previously mentioned, bids are noted at 1.0850/45 and then 1.0820-10 with mixture of bids and stops located at 1.0800-1.0700.
    On the upside, offers are reported at 1.0920-30 with some stops building above 1.0960.

    ECB's Noyer, on French Radio talked it's possible for French 2016 growth to start creating jobs, possible for French growth to be above 1.5% next year; and substantial reform efforts still required for French job creation, a reshuffle of Greek negotiating team can help negotiations & reshuffle does not however change substance, which is about the reforms needed.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 4: Intra-Day News and Views (EUR/USD) & data to be released today

    Intra-day Market Moving News and Views
    04 May 2015

    EUR/USD - 1.1191.. A piece of mildly euro-supportive news which came out during NZ morning, Reuters reported negotiations between Greece and its international lenders over reforms to unlock remaining bail out aid have made headway and an agreement could be closer this month, a gov't official said on Sunday.

    "There were very important steps made at the Brussels Group (talks) which bring an agreement nearer," the official said, declining to be named. "All sides aim for an agreement at a Brussels Group level within May."

    The talks between technical teams from Athens and EU/IMF/ECB lenders are expected to resume on Monday, the official said after the country's chief negotiators met with PM Alexis Tsipras.

    A EZ official also said there was convergence on some issues but sticking points remained n that talks were expected to continue through Wednesday.
    Athens hopes that a successful conclusion of the negotiations at the so-called Brussels Group could lead to recognition of the progress by the Eurogroup of EZ finance ministers n bring some liquidity relief.

    Data to be released this week:

    Japan market holiday, Australia building approvals, China manufacturing PMI, Swiss manufacturing PMI, Italy manufacturing PMI, France manufacturing PMI, Germany manufacturing PMI, UK market holiday, EU manufacturing PMI, sentix index, U.S. factory orders and durable goods on Monday.

    Australia new home sales, exports, imports, trade balance, RBA rate decision, France budget balance, UK construction PMI, EU producer prices, Canada imports, exports, trade balance, U.S. trade balance, redbook retail sales, ISM non-manufacturing and services PMI on Tuesday.

    New Zealand labour cost, unemployment rate, Japan market holiday, Australia retail sales, China services PMI, Italy services PMI, France services PMI, Germany services PMI, EU services PMI, retail sales, UK services PMI, Canada Ivey PMI and U.S. ADP employment on Wednesday.

    Australia unemployment, Japan services PMI, Germany factory orders, France exports, imports, trade balance, U.S. jobless claims and Canada building permits on Thursday.

    Japan BoJ meeting minutes, Australia RBA monetary policy statement, China exports, imports, trade balance, Swiss unemployment rate, Germany industrial production, exports, imports, trade balance, current account, Italy industrial output and UK trade balance on Friday.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 5: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views EUR/USD

    Intra-day Market Moving News and Views
    05 May 2015

    EUR/USD - ....... ECB's Noyer adds 'there is a risk that Greek banks may run out of collateral to obtain emergency ECB liquidity if the situation continues.' ....more on this, read earlier report.

    Despite a brief bounce to 1.1147 at European open, renewed selling interest quickly emerged n knocked price down below Mon's low at 1.1122 to 1.1091.

    Looks like consolidation with downside bias wud be seen ahead of the release of euro zone's Producer Price reports at 09:00GMT n selling the euro on intra-day recovery is recommended.

    Offers from various accounts are noted at 1.1115/20 and more at 1.1130-40 with a mixture of offers n stops located at 1.1150-60.
    On the downside, bids are placed at 1.1060-50 and then 1.1045/40 with stops emerging just below 1.1020.

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