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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 13: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views- EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    13 Apr 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.0672.. Just when euro bears thought they had the upper hand by pressuring the single currency lower in New York session and pushing price from 1.0622 to 1.0590, USD-bearish comments by U.S. Trump sparking off a wave of broad-based USD bashing, the pair rallied strongly to 1.0675 in relatively thin New York afternoon trade n price inched higher to 1.0678 as renewed dlr/yen weakness and rally in the Aussie triggered more USD selling in Asia.

    There is a slew of eco. data coming out during European morning starting with German inflation data, the same from France and then Italy.

    Although yesterday's rally confirms recent downtrend has made a temp. low at Monday's fresh 4-week trough of 1.0571 and consolidation with near term upside bias with more liquidation of recent long USD (or short eur/usd) positions ahead of Friday's long Easter weekend holiday, as U.S. markets are open for business as usual and will release key U.S. retail sales and CPI data, if these data come out stronger than street forecast, then beware of another selloff esp. vs EUR in thin New York session.

    For now, buying euro on dips is still preferred, bids are noted at 1.0660-50 with stops below 1.0630, some offers are tipped at 1.0680/90 with stops touted above 1.0700/05.

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    Smile AceTraderFx Apr 24: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views- EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    24 Apr 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.0831.. To call Monday's market price action in early New Zealand trading on the G7 currencies 'pandemonium' is rather appropriate as expected (according to earlier poll results) win by France's centrist Macron in the 1st round of French Presidential election triggered broad-based short covering buying in the single currency triggered a gap-up open in euro.

    Price opened around 1.0900 and climbed to a 5-month peak of 1.0939 (Reuters) but only to come off steadily lower in Australia, then in Asian morning, suggesting the single currency is vulnerable to more selling as initial brief short-covering buying is over.

    Order book is obviously very thin as most of recently placed stops above 1.0900/10 has been executed, Asian traders have been short-term sellers but market is look to European traders for their reaction, so do not be surprised if euro ratchets back down to 1.0683 (Friday low) in the next day of two.

    The only eco. data due out in the euro area is the important German Ifo business sentiment index, street forecast for April to come in at 112.5 vs previous reading of 112.3.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 4: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    04 May 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.0891.. Euro continued to swing wildly inside recent established broad range in Wed's session. Price initially rose to 1.0937 in Asia yesterday n then fell to 1.0905 in New York morning before staging a short-covering rebound. Despite initial knee-jerk price action after Fed's expected unchanged rate decision, euro tumbled from 1.0926 to 1.0883 on hawkish Fed's policy statement.

    Although intra-day recovery from 1.0882 (AUS) suggests range trading is in store, market may test euro's downside bias in Europe esp. if EZ eco. data come in below street forecast.
    Offers are tipped at 1.0900/05 n more above with stops above 1.0940, a mixture of offers n stops is reported at 1.0950/55.
    Bids are noted at 1.0885-80 with stops below there but more bids are touted at 1.0855-50 with stops below there.

    Today is PMI day for the services sector, pay attentention to Italy's Markit PMI, the same from France, then Germany and the EU. ECB members will be speaking today starting with Lautenschlager at 10:30GMT, Praet at 11:00GMT, Mersch at 11:35GMT and last but not least, ECB President at 16:30GMT, he will deliver a speech at an event in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 09: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    09 May 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.0930.. Euro remains on the back foot in subdued Asian trading after falling sharply from a near 6-month high of 1.1024 (New Zealand) to as low as 1.0917 in New York morning on broad-based selling in the euro vs usd, yen and sterling after expected election win by France's Macron.

    Although it is obvious the single currency has hit a temp. top n consolidation with near term downside bias remains for a wee bit more of long liquidation, further steep fall is unlikely as euro zone eco. data remain pretty upbeat, so position taker can look to load up new euro positions on dips.
    For now, offers are tipped at 1.0955/65 n more above with stops reported above 1.1000.
    Initial bids are noted at 1.0920/00 with stops below 1.0900, however, more buying interest is reported at 1.0890-80.

    Pay attention to slew of data from euro area countries starting with Germany's industrial production, exports and imports. trade balance, then France's budget balance and the retail sales from Italy.
    At 16:00GMT, German FinMin Schaeuble will attend Townhall event in Berlin and may well make a speech.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 16: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    16 May 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.0985.. Euro moves narrowly but with a firm undertone in subdued Asian morning after extending last Friday's impressive rally and climbed to 1.0990 due to broad-based buying in the euro esp vs usd, yen and sterling.
    It looks like market is now ready to re-test last Monday's 6-month peak at 1.1024 later today after early downward correction to 1.0840 (Thursday).
    Bids have been raised to 1.0965-55 and more below with stops below 1.0930.
    A mixture of offers and stops is touted near 1.1000, however, more stops are reported above 1.1025/30, suggesting buying euro on dips is the way to go due to broad-based USD weakness (except vs the yen).

    Pay attention to release of a slew of eco. data from euro area countries starting with France's HICP. Italy's GDP, the same from EU, trade bal., ZEW eco. sentiment n Germany's ZEW eco. sentiment. if the ZEW for Germany n the EU are upbeat, expect euro to move higher.
    Later at 18:00GMT, ECB Executive Board Member Benoit Coeure will give speech at the annual dinner of the ECB's Bond Market Contact Group.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 23: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    23 May 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.1251.. Euro stands tall in relatively subdued trading in Asia after yesterday's intra-day rally above last Friday's 1.1211 high to a fresh 6-month peak at 1.1264 in New York as comments by German Chancellor Merkel at European midday who said the euro is 'too weak' led to broad-based euro buying.

    Despite moving very narrowly in New York afternoon after intra-day pullback to 1.1228, euro edged higher in Asia on buying vs the pound after news of a bomb attack in Manchester, Britain, suggesting the single currency will continue its recent winning streak in Europe, having said, offers at 1.1270/80 and market chatter of an option barrier at 1.1300 may put a lid on the pair.
    Bids are noted at 1.1230-20 with stops below 1.1210.

    Euro area countries will release a slew of eco. data starting with German Q1 GDP, France's bus. climate, Markit mfg and services PMI, then Germany will releasse the same PMIs n the important German Ifo business climate survey and lastly, EU's Markit mfg n services PMIs.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 24: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    24 May 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.1187.. Euro is nursing loss in subdued Asian trading after tumbling from Tuesday's fresh 6-month peak of 1.1268 to as low as 1.1176. Although upbeat German Ifo data pushed euro to said yesterday's high, broad-based profit taking in the euro pressured the pair and usd's rally near New York midday finally forced euro bulls to capitulate and sent price falling below 1.1200/10, tripping stops below there.

    It is plain to see that the single ccy has made a temporary top and sideways consolidation is seen until European open before further corrective fall resumes, so selling euro on further recovery is favoured.
    Offers have been lowered to 1.1215/25 and more above with stops above 1.1270.
    Some bids are noted at 1.1180-70 with more stops reported below 1.1160.

    Germany will release Gfk consumer confidence n then later Italy's trade balance.
    Pay attention to speech by ECB's Praet at 08:30GMT and then at 12:45GMT, ECB President Draghi will make a keynote speech at a financial conference on Financial Stability in Madrid, Spain.

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