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    Smile AceTraderFx May 09: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    10 May 2017

    USD/JPY - 113.82.. Dlr pares yesterday's impressive gain after rallying in European and New York sessions to an 8-week peak of 114.32 on broad-based yen selling due to improved risk sentiment, however, news of N. Korea would continue its nuclear test programmes (see 00:42GMT update) n the abrupt sacking of FBI chief by President Trump triggered broad-based unwinding of recent short yen positions, knocking the pair back down to 113.76 in New York afternoon, then 113.63 ahead of Tokyo open after tripping some stops below 113.70.

    Looks like dlr will take a breather after recent strong ascent n broad sideways swings are in store, however, market sentiment remains to buy the greenback on dips.
    Bids are noted at 113.65-55 with stops below 113.50, more stops are reported below 113.00.
    Offers are tipped at 114.20/30 with stops above 114.50.

    U.S. will release a slew of eco. data starting with MBA mortgage applications, import n export prices. At 16:00GMT, Boston Fed Rosengren (non-voter) will be speaking, then followed by Minneapolis Fed Kashkari (voter) at 17:20GMT.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 12: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    12 May 2017

    USD/JPY - 113.78.. Dlr is nursing loss in subdued Asia trading after yesterday's intra-day decline from 114.37 (AUS) to as low 113.32 in New York morning on active unwinding of recent short yen position. Although price staged a modest bounce to 123.92 in New York afternoon, consolidation with downside bias is in store as more long dlr positions may be unwound in Europe due to retreat in U.S. Treasury yields and the Nikkie (the N225 is in the red, down about 73 points at 15,888).

    Offers are tipped at 114.00/10 and more above with stops above 114.50.
    Initial bids are noted at 113.70-60 with stops below 113.30, more buying interest is reported at 113.10-00 area.

    BoJ board member Harada will speak at 04:15GMT. Pay attention to U.S. retail sales and CPI data at 12:30GMT which are expected to show rather upbeat reading, if actual come in better than forecast, then usd wud meet renewed buying and head higher.
    Later, Chicago Fed President Evans (voter) will deliver a speech at the 56th ACI Financial Markets Association World Conference on Helsinki at 13:00GMT, then Philadelphia Fed President Harker (voter) will speak at 16:30GMT in Philadelphia.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 15: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    15 May 2017

    USD/JPY - 113.34.. Dlr pares initial weakness at Monday's open and staged a modest bounce to 113.46 in Asian morning. Although price fell as expected in New Zealand following Sunday's missile test by North Korea to 113.13, lack of follow-through selling quickly lifted the pair and dlr edged high at Tokyo open and climbed to 113.46 before easing.

    Looks like range trading is in store, however, Friday's intra-day selloff to 113.20 in New York morning following soft U.S. data together with falling US Treasury yields and soft Nikkie (N225 is currently in the red, down 33 points) suggests downside bias remains for weakness to 113.00/05.
    Offers are tipped at 113.45/55 and more above with stops above 113.70, more stops are reported above 114.05.
    Bids are noted at 113.15-05 with stops below 113.00.

    Later in the day, U.S. will release New York Fed mfg. index n then NAHB housing index.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 17: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    17 May 2017

    USD/JPY - 112.60.. Dlr languished near a 1-week low of 112.50 in Asia. The pair met renewed selling after New York close and price easily penetrated yesterday' low at 112.94 (New York) in thin Australian trading and tumbled to 112.50 after tripping stops below 112.90.
    The lack of an intra-day bounce suggests intra-day downside bias remains as continued political turmoil at the White House (see 00:30GMT update) and falling U.S. Treasury yields (currently at 2.302% vs Tuesday's close at 2.327%) are expected to undermine the greenback and spur more yen-buying on risk aversion.
    Offers have been lowered to 112.90/94 and more at 113.10/20 with stops above 113.35.
    Some bids are noted at 112.40 with stops below 112.00.

    Although dlr fell in New York morning on Tuesday after soft U.S. housing data, the only data due out from the U.S. later in the day is MBA mortgage applications, so funds flow and technical trading will have direct influence on short-term price moves. So selling dlr on recovery is the way to go.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 18: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    18 May 2017

    USD/JPY - 111.07.. Dlr finally found respite in hectic Asian trading after yesterday's spectacular 2% selloff from 113.14 (AUS) to 110.80 at New York close as market (investors) reacted negatively to continued turmoil at the White House, selloff in U.S. stocks (Dow fell 1.8%) n falling U.S. Treasury yields (benchmark 10-year yields tumbled from 2.306% to 2.212% on Wednesday) triggered broad-based yen buying on risk aversion.

    The pair continued its recent losing streak n fell again in thin Australian trading, price easily penetrated 110.80 low to a 3-week trough of 110.53 before staging a strong bounce due to bargain hunting by Japanese importers, dlr recovered to 111.23.

    Looks like we have seen a temp. trough for the greenback in Asia and consolidation is in store.
    However, European traders may give the buck another bashing if price trades above 111.00, so selling on recovery is still favoured.
    Offers are tipped at 111.20/30 n more at 111.50 with some stops above there.
    Bids are noted at 110.60-50 with stops below there.

    Later in the day, U.S. will release weekly jobless claims, Philly Fed mfg survey. Cleveland Fed President Mester (non-voter) will speak at 17:15GMT.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 22: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Moving News and Views
    22 May 2017

    USD/JPY - ... Although dlr fell at New Zealand on Monday from 111.30 to 110.88 as renewed U.S. political turmoil (see Saturday 03:47GMT update) and Sunday's missile test by North Korea led to broad-based yen-buying on risk aversion, good buying interest quickly emerged and lifted price sharply higher to 111.61 in Tokyo morning, suggesting another day of intra-day wild swings would continue.

    Bids are noted at 111.00-110.90 with stops below 110.70, more stops are reported below 110.50.
    Offers are tipped at 111.60/70 with stops above 1111.80, more stops are touted above 112.00.

    U.S. calendar is pretty thin with national activity index being the only data due out at 14:00GMT. Philly Fed President Harker (voter) n Minneapolis Fed President Kashkari (voter) will be speaking at 14:00GMT and 14:30GMT respectively.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 25: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    25 May 2017

    USD/JPY - ..... Price has moved relatively sideways after decline from 112.13 (NEW YORK morning high) to 111.48 after release of cautious (mildly dovish) Fed minutes which had led to broad-based usd's decline in late NEW YORK trade.

    Intra-day usd's firmness in Asia suggests consolidation with downside bias remains due to falling U.S. Treasury yields (benchmark 10-year yield is currently at 2.253% vs Wed's close of of 2.266%), so selling the greenback on recovery is favoured but steep decline may not be seen ahead of release of key U.S. GDP data tomorrow.

    Offers are tipped at 111.70/80 n more above with stops reported above 112.15/20.
    Minor bids are noted at 111.50-40 with stops below 111.30.

    U.S. will release initial weekly jobless claims, trade balance, wholesale inventories n Kansas City mfg. activity index. At 14:00GMT, U.S. Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard (voter) will participate in panel discussion on global economy.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 26: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -USD/JPY

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    26 May 2017

    USD/JPY - 111.58.. Although the pair moved narrowly in early lackluster Asian trading after a subdued New York session on Thursday, comments by 2 non-voting Fed officials (Williams and Bullard) led to yen-buying but usd's strength vs other major currencies, the yen was actively bought vs sterling, euro, aud and the usd, price fell from 111.88 (AUS) to 111.55 after tripping some stops below 111.60.

    Traders are unsure of USD's strength vs other G5 currencies, perhaps intra-day selloff in sterling triggered USD buying. Offers are tipped at 111.70/80 and more at 111.90/95 with stops above 112.15.
    Some bids are reported at 111.60-50 with stops below 111.40.

    Although today is the last trading day of the week and U.S. markets will be closed for Memorial Day holiday next Monday, traders are awaited release of a slews of key U.S. data starting with prelim. Q1 GDP, core Q1 PCE, durable goods orders University of Michigan consumer confidence, so dlr is expected to move on these eco. data later in the day, good luck.

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    Smile AceTraderFx May 29: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD

    Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
    29 May 2017

    EUR/USD - 1.1168.. Euro remains on the book foot in subdued Asian trading on Mon after falling relatively sharply fm 1.1235 (Europe) to 1.1161 in New York morning after robust U.S. GDP (revision).
    Although price moved narrowly in quiet New York afternoon session as some traders headed off earlier to start a long weekend holiday, price came under renewed selling pressure at 1.1185 in Australia n weakened to 1.1162, suggesting intra-day downside bias remains and stops below 1.1155, then below 1.1140 are now in focus.
    Offers are tipped at 1.1180/90 with some stops above 1.1200.

    Eco. calendar from the euro area countries is thin with EU M3 money supply being the only data due out.
    Pay attention to speeches by ECB's Nowotny who is speaking in Vienna at 07:15GMT, then Buda President n ECB's member Weidmann in Frankfurt. last but not least, ECB President Draghi will speak at the EU Parliament at 13:00GMT, so keep an eye out on what he has to say.

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