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    i'm not a scalper and i trade with oanda...and in almost 2 years never had a problem with them!
    i suggest also activtrades and lmax

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonecoldmichael View Post
    Well, if you were talking to me- normally a broker places their trades through a market maker who shoulders the risk. Mahi doesn't do that. They shoulder the risk themselves so there isn't an additional entity that needs paid from the pip spread. So for example, on OANDA I would normally get a 1.2 spread on EURUSD. Mahi usually has 0.8 because there isn't that additional entity between your money and the market. And, of course, any pip saved as a scalper is worth it.

    I'm sure there are other brokers that function in the same way; they just happened to be the ones I decided on. It just centers around a more efficient business model is all.
    If the broker keeps all the risk to themselves, they are playing against you. Whichever money you win, you take from them. And they won't like that!

    I think it's most important to find a broker who will execute all the orders in the market, not "shoulder the risk themselves" as you put it.

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    One best broker should offer good price, spread and fast payment. They should be a regulated broker and try to help their trader trade.

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    I haven't asked questions as I am a newbie who doesn't understand the many used abbreviations and styles of trading. But of course, I read the inquiries here and learn from the good and valuable replies. So, here is my well meant thanks to all asking and answering questions. I am convinced, babypips is super good :-)

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    I am using Armada Markets
    I am trading with EA-s and it's important that my trades will executed fast and there are no requotes. Also their trading cost is cheapest I have seen so far.

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    i am trading with liteforex, they are best broker to trade with, the have recently introduced Seize the moment offer in which liteforex is offering 100% on the deposit....

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    I think, I'm only sure about the ones I know, that I have traded with but all the same, we deserve a reputable broker that can keep our money in save place without tempering with it or using it for something else because it is very important that traders should be certain about the broker you wish to use.

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    Default Anyone can be the best broker

    Best Broker is that who you can really and has a good customer support.

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    Just want low spread..fast execution..no reqoute..and easy to withdrawal..

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    Quote Originally Posted by azmyfx View Post
    Just want low spread..fast execution..no reqoute..and easy to withdrawal..
    All Broker promises those lines but you will need to give it a try until you will be able to say that broker really keep to it's promise.

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