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    I see the question asked several times in here about but I don't see any specific answers. Is there a reason for that? If not can we get an honest evaluation about

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    fxstreet ranks brokers and compares them. is ok but its not the most popular. the spreads are pretty high also. but other then that it meets regulation requirements and its a safe bet.

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    i'm practicing with them since 2 months ,it's true that the spread is variable,up and down ,but the main thing that keeps me there is autocharist softare ,automatic entry and exit software ,it's much easier ,you can practice with it and get it for free as long as you keep a minimum of 1000 bucks in your account .
    is someone aware of something similar to autocharist software with another broker?

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    Default No Way!!!!

    I was thinking about using them but after
    getting 4 phone calls in one week asking
    me if I was ready to sign up I said No

    Plus, you can only use their web based
    or java platform unless you want to
    open an account with them and keep
    a minimum of $1,000.00 in your account.

    Once you do that you can use eSignals
    charting software for free and paper trade
    as long as you want.

    Free as long as you keep a minimum
    $1,000.00 in your account and do
    ten trades a month, not a big deal
    except! They do not tell you if you
    are going to get charged a monthly fee
    for eSignals if you drop below $1,000.00.

    Also, I had to shut down my firewall to get
    their java platform to come up, I could not
    get the web based one to load. Then the
    sales guy tells me that the only way to get
    real streaming quotes is to disable your firewall
    other wise your signal will be delayed.

    Even though they are apart of Gain Capital
    I will not use them, this sales person did not
    seem knowledgeable and I felt like I was
    getting pitched.

    I hope this helps and good luck on finding
    the right broker for you.


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    Smile Broker Research

    Not sure if this will help, but it's worth a look. Now there are alot of different sites with the pros and cons of forex brokerages. I have found a couple that i will post here. Also a good idea is to check to see if they are registered and possibly insured. What their financial status is also a good idea, A must if you trade stocks. Just wanted to try and help if i can, Thx

    Unfortantly fxstreet has a pop-up window at the start and everytime you refresh, but they do have quite abit of info.

    Good luck, and Happy Pippin
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    I started with, and I've used their platform for over a year. I recently opened a practice account with IBFX, after reading on one of these threads that their practice accounts never expire.
    After using IBFX, I would have to say that their charting is far superior. And I like how their order entry forces you to think about TP and SL levels. For a beginner it's pushing me into a more hands-off approach that I'm feeling may be a key to Forex success. I only do worse when I'm on where instead of placing an if-then-OCO I'll just click the 'buy' button and stare at the chart for hours, praying. It may also be related to the psychological aspect of practice vs. real, but I have been far more successful with the IBFX platform.
    I do enjoy's research and commentary. You have to take some of it with a grain of salt, as it says in the fine print 'be aware that is taking the other side of any trade you make when considering their recommendations', but I read Todd Gordon's Strategy of the Day all the time, and I appreciate their analysis e-mails ahead of important economic releases.

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    Default Are they reliable?

    I'm a rookie and just started off on As always with ANY online investing, I'm a bit paranoid about holding money in any no name companies; have you guys had any bad experience with especially when you're about to withdraw large amounts of cash? I can use your opinion on as well.


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