Java Based, Mac Friendly, with Hedging Broker
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    Default Java Based, Mac Friendly, with Hedging Broker

    I am Mac based and currently using OANDA.

    I like their low slippage and low spreads and great java based software that is Mac friendly.

    But I want hedging. Sometimes I am stuck in a losing buy that I don't want to close because I know it will swing the other way next week. (do I really know that, no, but I just know it will from past experience)

    So I want to keep the loser open until it swings back around, but I also want to buy the opposite direction until it bottoms out. I want hedging, but OANDA does not do hedging. Yes, I could create a sub account within my main OANDA account, but that is not worth the trouble.

    I am looking for a good broker, java based client, that allows multiple plays on the same pairs in opposite directions.

    Thank you,

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    Don't know of anything existing that fits all your categories. Opening a sub-account with OANDA seems like the best bet for now.

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    A downside though that you will have to pay interest every day. I do not know of any Java brokers that allow you to do this. If your trade becoming real pain, get out of it and re enter on the trend once it bottoms. Otherwise wait for it to swing back in your favour If you are so sure.

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