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    TradeFort is very friendly broker for beginner traders. Very tight spreads, fast execution of your orders, MT4 platform, friendly customer service. Tradefort offers 5 $ no deposit bonus for new users, there are very options of deposit and witdrawal too and the most important for all users- the safety of your funds. TradeFort is very interesting broker and I think that the best choice for beginners on the forex market!

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    For micro accounts Oanda and Insta.You open acc for 1 $ but Insta have large spread

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    Agree with wojtas108. I think TradeFort could be your consideration. I have done several test and yes, their wasn't on the list of FPA top rank, but their execution can't underestimated. Doesn't believed? They also give you free 5 usd for welcome account. Not so bad for testing their system.... right?

    For me.. they were nice brokers, the reason came from the speed of the execution, spread, no commission, no swap and so on.. Why don't you try it by yourself

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    IFC Markets and Infin Markets also provide Micro and Beginner accounts.

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    Im using oanda, it is great

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    I would recommend This is my broker and they have been wonderful right from the start. They provide micro account to everyone including startup bonus that can serve as additional capital. I think they are one of the best brokers out there that we can really trust.

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    this question goes back since 2006, personally I do not know that broker that offers you with how long you use the services. I am wary of new broker in general.

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