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    Default Side by Side Comparison

    I found this on one of my favorite sites, and I thought you guys/gals might find it nice too. It is a side by side comparison of several different brokers, it gives a lot of different specs.

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    Nice chart Trader!!! That is helpful, I think I am partial to Oanda. Is anyone using them now?

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    I am gonna do the Oanda FX Game I got out of a link here, but I don't know if I am gonna use them or not. By the way, the chart is good! A side by side helps quite a bit. I even noticed you can review a broker there, would be great for the experienced traders.

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    Ok, will try posting. Forum is way out of whack using Firefox, maybe just a glitch. Just wonder who owns these review sites, there are a few. Reviews are either 'absolutely rotten broker' or 'fantastic, the best'. The review may depend on the day's P/L.
    Just looking at, but not sure how they are set up, if they do their own dealing, etc. They are mostly a futures broker, will investigate.

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    Default Contests and Promotions

    Some brokers have contests and promotions that can often give you useful tools and or a chance to practice trading. IFX Markets often holds trading contests where the winners gain a real account with IFX Markets with money on it, from $2000 to $500.

    Right now they have a promotion where you can get one month free access to a financial news and analysis site if you open a real account with them. The news is from Thompson and Reuters so it must be pretty good.
    Thought I would mention these promotions and contests to people interested in trading.

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