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    I have been demo trading for 8 months with good success and now wish to open a small $1000 live account. I am from Ontario Canada and would like some advice on a reputable broker that allows trading in micro lots as I plan on only taking $10 (1%) trades to start. Any advice from the forum members would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Dave

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    Hi Dave, Steve Epperson here from New Mexico, USA. I trade with OANDA. My average trade size has been $5.00-$10.00 on the 4 Hour charts recently. Absolutely no problems. Fairly tight spreads, however, please watch the New York close as lack of liquidity can send some pairs through the roof. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Steve I did a little more research since my post and have decided on ONANDA myself I can buy in Canadian funds which is great as the exchange rate to US funds would leave me with about $750 in my new account! I don't generally trade on Fridays after around noon as I have noticed the same problem as you mentioned. Thanks for your feed back and good luck with your trading I appreciate your response...Dave

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