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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Hardi View Post
    i have invest already almost 500$ and my profit is around 150$.i am happy about my little success
    That'a very good return hence you are just staring out

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    Quote Originally Posted by keenmary View Post
    I agree with quigy if you are beginner you don�t have to care how much to invest, just try a couple of times, few months and you�ll be ready for more real life. Also if you are not a newbie, you can try with micro or mini accounts. Most brokers offer very small �mini-accounts� and even smaller "micro-account" for as little as a couple hundred bucks. Anyway be careful!
    I think what you have said is true, but I feel he just want to know the margins from all traders here to see what to start with.

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    I think this is dependent on what we can offer. Some of us like to go in little, while others would want to go go big.

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    starting new week with 218 when i did this years ago i started with 25 buxs made it to 150 then lost most of it, im being more care full now trying to stay with the trends n ripples.

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