Is this a one-woman-show?
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    Default Is this a one-woman-show?

    Hey! Where's everybody?

    I hope to see your posts soon

    We have to check this forum once in a while and please continue
    posting as your ideas are very much appreciated and needed.
    'More heads are better than one' as the saying goes...

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    I'm here! for what it's worth. :-) I hadn't even heard of Forex trading before, so expect me to ask a lot of questions and learn a lot of stuff. :-)

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    Jun 2006
    Hey, count me in, also starting forex and trading, wiling to be around and learn with you, guys

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    Babypips, USA
    Glad to have you join us! Hope you get a chance to enjoy the school! And don't be afraid to ask any questions!

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    Hey, I am a newbie but definitely someone to be counted to join the show.

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    Jun 2006
    Don't forget a newbie like me, groping its way on the dark <where are you???>
    Hope I can contribute much to this forum and hope to learn from you, guys

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