Dec 14 EUR/USD 5 min Charting
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    Smile Dec 14 EUR/USD 5 min Charting

    Please take a look at the attached image; it is today's 5 minute chart for the EUR/USD. We have plotted in trend lines and supports and resistances, using the smaller timeframe we are able to enter new or developing trends in a timely manner with very little downside risk. Our goal is to average 15+ pips on each currency pair we trade, if we can successfully trade 8 pairs on any given day we can expect 120+ pips per day, 600 per week, 2400 per month.

    Take the time to explore the 5 minute timeframe, send or post any insights that you may have. 15 pips a day should be no problem for a group of intelligent traders in this forum.
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    This is what I did last night..
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    iam trading past 2 years , but iam not fully success. till now iam in loss. pls send me this indicator for 5 min chart where as show in screen chart Thank you.

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