Christmas trading
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    Default Christmas trading

    With both Christmas and New Years coming up, when do you think it would be best to stay out of the market?

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    I read somewhere this end of year is a good time for forex, so if you know the market well, you can increase your money and get good money. For example, analyzing your local currency with other one from the country you like (or where you want to go). It makes sense but Im just a beginner.

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    Look around the charts for the same time period in the couple last years to see what happened.

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    If you are a newbie, never get sucked in with "news"
    "day of the year" or "event" trading nonsense.
    It is actually worse for newbies in terms of event
    trading. Experts will eat your losing trades up and
    go out and buy a new Mercedes.

    And FX seldom makes sense. Don't try to make
    sense of it. Eventually, you will learn to trade
    from pure intuition. It all takes time. Be prepared
    to put a ton of effort in this to get comfortable first,
    and then good.

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    Well I have heard that at the end of the year the dollar always recovers from any lost it has had but it depends on other factor as well. Also if you plan to go on vacation abroad then you should keep up with the market that way youll know what to expect to waste on vacation. So either way it could work for you.

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