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    Quote Originally Posted by llh View Post
    Hi Elang:

    STOP! STOP NOW! After reading everyone of your posts I have come to the conclusion that you are one of the most intelligent people on the face of the earth, at least in FOREX trading. Please don't kill my belief.

    Do the math. If this outfit can make so much money for everyone why doesn't the staff just quitely sit before their computers and generate billions of dollars for themselves? Why instead would they ask everyone to send them $4,000 and offer a LIFE TIME of updates? It doesn't make sense, in any way, shape or form.

    Drink a beer and go directly to bed.
    I'll have to agree with you Ilh.

    Elang, based on your posts i can definitly tell that you've spent some time learning this stuff already. In fact, in order for you to trade the way you do i would actually go out on a limb and say that for 4000, there is probably not much more stuff MTI could introduce that you haven't already touched upon yourself. At this point, read everything you can on trading psychology. That's really all that matters. You seem to have the method and you also seem to have the money management aspect. What is left? Just stop and ask yourself honestly what more they can give you? Don't be foolish. That 4K is money you could use to fund your account or buy a few books that are probably more worthwhile than MTI's course.

    I think it is likely that you are being enticed by some pretty method's results and that's it. Noone can promise you 270 pips a month.

    When i first got into trading, the first seminar i attended was given by MTI. They gave an overview of everything their program would entail and the guy threw on some pretty charts of moving average crossover's that happened to work brilliantly and BANG!!!!! Before you knew it everyone was sigining up. By some strange miracle, a magic voice was talking to me in my mind telling me not to do it.

    DON'T DO IT!!!! They can't offer you that much more to say that 4K is worth it. You should sooner go to the bathroom and flush that 4K down the toilet.

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    Thanx a lot LLH and PipBull. I appreciate the time you took to write that.

    It just seemed like i could learn more from them, or maybe it was just another psycological couchon. It's a pip - pip world out here.

    I guess i should just be a little more patient and perhaps, put more trust in my methods, they seem to work.

    Thanx, guys.

    E. Lang

    PS: I drank that beer and did go to bed!
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    Yea stay up and drink a six pack

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