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    Quote Originally Posted by gabroel View Post
    Marketiva registration number : IBC CAP.291 REG.NO. 646819, i don't know this number mean, is it safe for me to trade with marketiva?
    how do i know that forex broker is safe and legal?
    Greetings gabroel,

    Usually I would try to go with a broker that is regulated. I wrote a little blog post a while back that listed a few questions you should ask yourself about a broker before putting your hard earned money in one. check it out here: Broker questions. check it out! Also, we are working on new broker section so keep an eye out for that very soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bestgpt7 View Post
    I have created real account with
    But I cannot open live trade order instantly. Live desk order opens with 5-6 seconds.
    Can anybody help me that what is execution speed of
    Can I open live trade order instant or within 1-2 seconds
    Hi bestgpt7,

    It has been about 5 years since I used Marketiva. For the short time I was with them, I thought my trades were executed in a relatively timely manner. However, in the heat of a big price move, when everyone else was also hitting their sell or buy button, there was a delay. All that became a mute point after a few days, because once Marketiva discovered I was an American they politely gave me the proverbial boot. They claimed that it was illegal for them to allow Americans to use the site.

    Best regards,

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