How long do you trade?
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    Default How long do you trade?

    I am curious how long you would stay in it? Should it be constant and you spend your days watching the Forex, or do you trade for a bit and take some time off? I am kinda lost here, and very curious as to what experienced traders do. I just can't see myself watching day in and day out, all day long.

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    I think for most it is a daily thing, I think once you start it gets in your blood. I suppose you could do it for a bit and then stop, but you aren't gonna make much money like that probably.

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    I agree. You have to watch Forex like you would watch the weather, and learn it's subtle signs.

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    Well, perhaps as long as it challenges you when you are losing

    and motivates you as well by winning...

    In short, it will always get into your nerves if you allow yourself to be addicted to it...

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    I want to be consistent in Forex and want to trade on daily basis. It is very necessary because if we do Forex in intervals it is not good for us and we can loose our focus on Forex.

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    roughly 12hrs when I don't have job. If I have day job, 4-6hrs or LO/NY session.

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    Not really an "experienced" trader yet, but I hold my trades for about a week or so. It really depends on the personality and time available for each trader. Some like to exit after only a few pips while some like to buy/sell and then hold their position for a couple of weeks.

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    I normally trade above 01 hour chart. So 02 - 03 hours per day is enough for me.

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    24/7... When I am not working, eating, sleeping...

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    I trade all day every day. Otherwise I just miss too many good signals.

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