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    .....and emotions. I am sure this is most traders problem. I have more successful trades controlling my emotions and this I had to learn and apply.

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    If you looked hard enough, there are mentors all around baby pips & "they" mentored me in the progress without them knowing. The mentors that i am referring to are the traders who have a lot of experience trading. I picked up bits of critical information from their forum posting.

    With respect to these "mentors" of mine, they are Mr Gone (replied to this thread too, i suggest learners to click on his profile & read what he has posted). The other person i learned it from is "Meihua". Meihua always share her findings generously with forumers. Of course there are many more but these 2 users are the people that i remember clearly that i absorbed the information on. So dont get lazy guys & do your own research than always hoping to get a mentor. Even if u have one, u need to have the proprietary knowledge beforehand so u may understand your mentor's teaching. BUT always remember that mentors are humans too like us, so they can make errors and you have to ACKNOWLEDGE for yourself whether he/she is genuine to teach u & not someone who is just teaching for the sake of money but no LOVE & DEDICATION for forex.

    Peace & May Good "Trading" not luck happens to all of us

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    Effective studying and learning will bring our success in forex. Some of the forex websites have forex school, you can attend one to acquire more knowledge about forex.

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    Good study , know market updates daily and do trading within margins is a safe way of trading. it will bring success and profits. Without experience traders can not become good traders , I suggest much demo trading to do effective trading in live accounts.

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    Becoming successful in the business is very easy but I think with effective learning and studying hard, putting your mind to it and developing the habit of absorbing something meaningful in forex can make us see our way through. By so doing, I think we will be successful no matter what.

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    If any trader wants to be successful in forex market then he needs to get practical experience of real account trading, first they need to start with demo account and then come to live account with less deposit. Gain experience with emotional trading and make them a good trader before investing big.

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