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    LOL.....entertaining thread, and goes way back. Love it!!

    Confused trader: A trader who switches tactics every day, then every hour, then every 5 min till he is margin called while making plans for a new tactic!!

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    Illuminati Traders: 1% of traders who make consistent profits, but may be aligned with secret societies in favor of a new world order... 'scary'

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    lolzzzzzz , nice one, I think these a unique place to cool off after watching the chart's up and down instead of placing a wrong trade (placing No trade is a good tactics than feeding the Sharks with your hard earn bucks )

    Drunk Trader== A Trader who after enough buzz , wishes his account double over night and make an entry with the highest lot size his account can carry without proper analysis and a good risk management ,and shout on top his voice YAHUU YAHUUUU -then the market goes against him clearing all his coins
    , sharply his eye cleared from the drunkenness , OHHHH on and on he goes blaming the Broker

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    The frustrated "trader" = this type of trader can evolve from any kind of trader. He is not active anymore, because in the past he developed an ego around his trading, and wanted validation and glory instead of just making some money, so he got burned quite well a couple of times, and in the end he decided he is going to stop trading.

    But still goes on forums, acts very confident and tries to prove everybody, that he is the best and smartest trader. Sometimes he writes utter bull****, that is how you know, that the guy is just full of ****. The other thing, that if somebody proves that his method works, or even just hints it, the frustraded trader tries to find every little thing he can find, to bring the others down.

    Luckily there are very few of those people on this forum, most of them banned already. But sometimes when I visit some other forum as an outsider, I can see a lot of people like that.

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    The list can go on and on and on Time to relax and enjoy some good sense of humor
    ''The Emotional Play trader''= A trader who executes trades based on feelings/emotions.They tend to basically trade on present emotions and anticipatory emotions (what they expect to feel later on).Instead of studying charts and the market,they weary and ask...if I exit the trade too late and lose a lot of money, Wont I feel horrible?,I have a good feeling/omen I am winning all my trades today ,I saw an angel in my dream today hence today's trade would be a win,etc...

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    To me:

    Scalping - no way you can make money
    Intraday - very difficult to trade
    Position - the best one, also this s the type of trade banks and institutes trade
    Investment - more than 1 months holding position , suit fundamental better.

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    Do not forget robots!

    Most of trading in exchanges is now done by computers...

    so they should at least get a mention

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    These people that teach trading to new traders, mainly elderlery and charge 50,000 grand a pop, without ever having to trade themselves ( I couldn't live with myself doing that)

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    - The retarded trader -

    Someone who just can't seem to figure out what he does wrong when most of his trades are against the trend. And after he finally figures it out, he still does it and even starts calling himself a goddam retard day after day and eventually concludes that he is just too stupid for trading.

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