Why trade forex?
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    Default Why trade forex?

    For those who are into forex trading, I would like to know why you have chosen forex and not the other kinds of trading? What FX trading system are you using right now? Have you profited from it? For how long have you started?

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    I started FX because it has all the resources that can help me learn more about it. There are demo accounts that help me practice before I go through the actual process of investing. I have not profited as I am just starting.

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    I haven't started for a long time in FX but I am trying to work my way through it. Seems like FX is a very popular way of trading, besides it is liquid and short term.

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    That is what I also heard, better in forex coz of its liquidity. However, other things to be considered like I believe it takes more time to stay glued to the PC and monitor the fluctuations compared to stocks.

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    Read the school lessons on Forex vs. Stocks and Forex vs. Futures. It's under the first lesson.

    Those are pretty much the reasons I moved to the Forex. It's the most active market and provides alot more trading opportunities.
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    Besides the volatility, let's not forget the flexability and hedging opportunities. Daily payments from rollover interest is great too!

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    I like it because you can become an expert at technical analasis, throw in some fundamental analasis, make money and have fun while doing it. You can also stick to technicals and not worry about what the insiders are doing, or what CEO is doing to burn thier shareholders. I can't thank babypips enough because it is their awesome, free website that got me started in the right direction.

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    I want to start trading FX, but I'm right now in a situation that is not the most convenient! I am making dollars but spending in Euros! I'm on the loosing end. But I am going back to the States and I think then this will definetly be a very profitable way of investing. Let's see if I have the guts! I admire you people. So far I am pretty shocked and amazed!

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    Because it sounds cool, and makes you look rich In all honesty, its really not that difficult, I find it rather amusing.

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    It si nice to start with demo account for example. You should know what are you doing to look cool.

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