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    I have noticed a thread suggesting on forex terms, so here we go:::

    Forex Definitions and Terms
    Presented in cooperation with

    Ask: Price at which broker/dealer is willing to sell. Same as "Offer".

    Bid: Price at which broker/dealer is willing to buy.

    Bid/Ask Spread (or "Spread"): The distance, usually in pips, between the Bid and Ask price. A tighter spread is better for the trader.

    Cost of Carry (also "Interest" or "Premium"): The cost, often quoted in terms of dollars or pips per day, of holding an open position.

    Currency Futures: Futures contracts traded on an exchange, most typically the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ("CME"). Always quoted in terms of the currency value with respect to the US Dollar. Parameters of the futures contract are standardized by the exchange.

    for more of these, visit:
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    Are there also many terms to be noted down as with the other trading, stocks, long term, etc. ? Seems like there may be but lesser than forex?

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    looks good

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    helpful! Cheers

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