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    Default Become An Honorary Member Of The FX-MEN

    Become Part Of The FX-MEN

    At we try to provide the best possible learning environment for traders of all levels. And even with the many superpowers that we possess, we simply cannot answer every question that is posted by our community. That is where you can come to the rescue!

    So How Can You Help?

    Contribute Good Content

    That's right. If you have some valuable piece of information, don't hold back! Share it with your fellow traders. We can all learn something new everyday and the more people that share, the more we can all learn.

    Answer Questions

    "Teaching is also a good way to learn." If you see a question that you think you have the answer for, then by all means, help your fellow trader out. Even if you aren't completely sure if you are correct, your answer still may help someone. Just be sure to say that you aren't 100% sure that your answer is correct. No one will flame you for your answers. In fact, users who flame answers will be given infractions. This doesn't mean they can't debate your answer, but they just can't post things like, "You suck!" or "You don't know what you're talking about!" While those are all great lines to say to your buddies when you're drunk, the BabyPips forums is just not the place for those kinds of comments

    Moving Up In Ranks

    There are 2 ways you can become an Honorary Member of the FX-MEN:

    1) For every good post we see (whether its a good contribution or answer), we will "bestow" upon you reputation points. You will get 10 points for each answer we think provides value to the community. There are different ranks you will achieve as you accumulate reputation points but once you have 600 points, you will receive the title, "Honorary FX-MEN Member". Users with this title will have the blessing and will be regarded as valuable contributors to this community. Basically, you will be the shiznit!

    2) If you accumulate 1000 posts you will also be given the title of Honorary FX-MEN member for your contributions. So stop lurking, and start posting!

    Our goal is to build a community of traders who provide value for each other. The more you contribute, the more you can help. Remember, at one point in time you too had a question that needed an answer, so this is your opportunity to give back to the Forex community. The fate of the depends on you.


    Big Pippin
    The ***iest Member of the FX-MEN (It's not my super power, it's just a gift )

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    Talking forex trading

    be a member of fxtrading me a member of world

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    Thumbs up Honorary Membership

    Now that is generosity personified! If all we must do is post wonderful and meaningful posts on your site and gather at least 1000; we should be well on our way to becoming honorary members in no time.

    This site is excellent; not only for the professional trader; but also for the green beginner

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    I have been around the forex block for the past few years. I found this web site two weeks ago. I am a better trader now....than I was two weeks ago.

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    OK - so where am I in the rankings so far !!!



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    "Teaching helps you learn" - I'll second that!

    Whatever title people have, there's so many good FX-Men (and women) on here to make it one of the most supportive and useful forums out there. Keep up the good work....

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    Excellent idea. This way some people will get credit only for valuable information.

    The bad idea is that some will use any methods to acquire this status. I hope that staff will be outstanding as always and keeping an eye on bad guys.

    I will be more than happy to participate.

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    Useful for me , great!

    Kind Regards!

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    Sounds good count me in

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    Default Well I finally made it eh?

    But I am still new to the babypips forum?

    HOw do I change the blue square to the right that says on a mouse over
    "$$ is new to the babypips forum" or something.

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