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    Default ADX questions


    Sorry but I have to use Oanda and not VT so the Gann indicator isn't available to me. I like the easy visual aspect of this strategy but I really took some neg. hits this am. Fortunately I trade micro's for now.

    Question: does the direction of the ADX lines matter after a cross or just that there has been a cross?

    Question: is the ADX for extra confirmation as sometimes I see that the red/blue lines are "opposite" of what the PSAR & WMA/SMA are indicating?

    Thanks for posting this strategy and I am hoping I can use it for profits - I am switching to 30 min. TF so see if I can get better trades; I follow just 5 majors.

    (Did well with the "Trading Extreme" strategy, just not many opportunities.) d.

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    Default This system really works

    I know there hasn't been any posts in here for a while, but just in case any newbies came in here to check this out it is really worth your while. I have made alot of money from this system and never miss out on a good trade while im sleep because the cross alarm system. Don't overanalyze this system, just stick to the rules.

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    Hi Topchess,
    This looks like an attractive method. Is this applicable also for daily and 4hr charts: I want to trade only about every 4 hours?
    What where your results in n of pip through 2007 till date?
    Thanks in advance for comments.

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    Default Hi ramrocket/topchess


    I am using the gann hilo indicator and have been looking for one which alerts everytime the gann flips. I am working in mt4.

    Please please can u post the one u r using with the alert. Thanks.

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    Apologies for Grave Digging - I'm unsure of how I stumbled upon this thread - but it is very appealing.
    I was just wondering if anyone is still trading with this method and if so, to what success?


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    Have you got the track record (demo or real) with ths method please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uxxar View Post
    Have you got the track record (demo or real) with ths method please ?
    well, the last post was 2007, so the track record is (my guess) that the system didnt work, the author is not trading anymore and found a new hobby.

    edit: moving average systems work ok in trending markets. when you get a choppy market which isnt moving anywhere for days it gives so many false signals that you end up loosing all the surpluses you made weeks before that.
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