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    hello everyone.
    a trade possibility coming up - USDCAD.
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    stochs will probably close at a lower value than 20, within this hour (20:00) and I'll be look for a good entry price to trigger the trade. SL should be -10 pips, TP would be at 1.1623.

    seems like stochs closed at 22. trade not triggered yet.
    next hour, perheps.
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    Finally the trade's executed. just cought the price at 1.1604
    I wanted to use only one lot, but the ratio wasn't good enough (after spread) so I went long with 2 lots.
    SL1 at 1.1595 TP1 at 1.1623
    SL2 at 1.1583, TP2 at 1.1642
    when (if) TP1 hit, I'll move to breakeven. that would be all.


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    Trade's review (USDCAD):
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    well, last trade went to an unfortunate loss.
    seems like the Linear regression channel (on D1) was breached. we're appreantly in a correction so minor trend is actually bearish. I'll have to wait for the channel to provide support again, and only then continue with the major bullish trend.
    lot 1: -9 pips.
    lot 2: -21 pips.

    Another trade's review (EURCHF):
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    another trade however, which I haven't posted due to lack of time (and being discouraged and not very confindent about my system anymore) went pretty good (which got me encourged and confident again).
    this is yet another classic use for my system. TP1 was reached, later on, I noticed the cross over and moved SL to breakeven (luckily I've noticed it after it was reached and bounced back, so TP2 could still be reached)
    so far:
    lot 1: +25 pips
    lot 2: donno yet. will keep you posted.

    ...And another trade opened (AUDUSD):
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    in this one I put the SL behind the fibo 38.2 level (I didn't put it on chart, because it's visually overloading) and behind the two averages, so that this support level is quite strong.
    we can see an immidate support from the trend line, in addition to the classic (stochs and trend) signs. TP2 is pretty agressive. at a Pivot point picked according to a mounthly chart. Might be a bit of a long shot, but if one of those agressive targets gets hit, it makes it all worth the relatively low percentage.
    right now the trade doesn't look too good, though, price is currently at 0.7882. I really hope the support level holds... time will tell.

    that would be all for now.


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    And just another one I cought before the week's coming to an end...
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    This one was actually cought by an accident.
    thought it was the EURUSD, and only after opening the position I realized I just paid a bloody 10(!) pips spread.
    why the hell is it so expensive??!
    got me waaay beyond my money management, but I suppose I can just consider it a one-time risk which could also benefit me.

    anyway, at least the pair looks quite promising. you can witness its previous performance... it reacted just the right way according to my system. hopefully it would do the same this time.
    shorted 2 lots at (average) 1.6686:
    SL at 1.6712 (too much, but I already paid the bloody speard)
    TP1 - 1.6664
    TP2 - 1.6625
    I might consider closing the trade when the weekend comes. I might as well close just one lot. we'll see. if I don't, at least the swap money should be nice because AUD interest is 6.25%. (now why didn't I short JPYAUD?)

    lets hope I won't lose my virtual underware on this one. (luckily this is a demo account...)


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