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    Hey you guys, which platform are you using? Myself, i am using zuluitrade. It has really cool features such as the trade-wall activity!! Study which signal provider is going short or long and in which currency and price. See their real-life profit/losses; life open accounts and trading activity

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    Zulutrade is constantly upgrading. Now they added live accounts to receive daily reports; providers are analyzed deeper with three new performance indications – weekly best/worst trade; ranking history chart and max open trades

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    Ohhhh yeah I saw them! Moreover life accounts receive daily account statements and email notification is received once the live trader updates portfolio settings and this altered his trading strategies.

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    Just to point out: the daily live account statement is just saving my strategy! I am traveling at the moment and it is a bit hard to be in front of the computer or on my smartphone all the time

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    Other than Zulutrade, you can join eToro. A social trading website which you can share you opinion and copy guru trades.

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    Since 3 months I´m a member of Vladimir Ribakov´s Trading-Room and Signal-service: His offer has the big advantage that you get profound education on a daily basis from a really experienced Forex-Trader and very reliable Signals. For people who can´t afford to take part in the Trading-Room he´s an automated Signal-Copier too. The prize seems reasonable and to tell the truth, September was the first proftable month for me thanks to this guy. I ´m looking forward to trade independently one day but it will need a few more years I suppose.
    His proven performance since June 2011 is around 46 000 pips, that´s pretty good in my opinion, hopefully he continues that way
    Even the forexpeacearmy-site recommends his service and these guys are very very critical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by forexedge View Post
    Other than Zulutrade, you can join eToro. A social trading website which you can share you opinion and copy guru trades.
    Please don't do that, you will only loose your money with e-toro...was there, done that! Their trading algorithm just don't make small accounts win enough money. Compared always to zulutrade.

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    He Eddy,

    I have a good suggestion. Use my own business

    - 700 customers receiving signals...
    - make up to 30% each month...
    - 1,6 million dollar in already...


    Next week my firm will be upgraded to investment firm.

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    Sure !! Awaiting your update!
    Good luck with the upgrade....what licencing you getting, remind me again?

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    First we have to become a private limited liability company.
    So thats the first step. (wednesday next week)

    Then we have to earn 40.000 euro. We need at least to shareholders for the company.
    Myself and the system controller. He has to be shareholder for at least 20%. (10.000 euro)
    Then we have 50.000 deposit for the business. (minimum safety restriction authority of financial markets)

    Then we are gettings screened by the government. We need to be 'trusted' and 'experienced' individuals.
    I'm able to show them that we are both working for six years trading forex and CFD's.

    Then we need to pay 4.000 Euro's and 750 euro for each shareholder to get a licence. (portfolio licence and private equity licence)

    Then we are able to set up automated portfolio rules with saxobank to control the new accounts of our managed forex account service.

    And a lot of law, website, helpdesk, administration stuff also needs to be done.

    I will tell you more by wednesday. Then PipShip is a legal company.
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