Swing Trade Alerts only 1-3 a week ! ROI around 30 percent !!
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Thread: Swing Trade Alerts only 1-3 a week ! ROI around 30 percent !!

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    Thumbs up Swing Trade Alerts only 1-3 a week ! ROI around 30 percent !!

    I am offering free trade alerts for swing trading I came up with my own strategy and so far I am doing pretty good little bit of drawdown end of July so should pick up for later this year !!

    1-3 trades a week on average sometimes none sometime 5 or more.

    I try and post them around 6pm EST

    Trades usually last a couple of days maybe a week every so often

    I only risk 1 percent per trade
    Just wanting to help people out as I am still relatively new and I am working now on day trading strategies.

    I have high goals for my trading career !

    Anyone wants to give some advice anythings welcome
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    Default The system

    Hey guys, just a quick few questions to clarify with this system, which has obviously been around a while now,

    1. When looking for the cross over, do you hit it on your daily charts as soon as you see it? or wait for that candle to properly close, and if there is a nice crossover on it, hit the action (thinking this is how you avoid the fake crossovers, but you also risk missing good entry if its a big moving day)

    2. I use MT4 for my charting, and I just use MA1 and MA4 on the daily chart, not on a MACD?? I realise having them on the MACD is kinda like the average of an average sort of thing, but I dont know how to set this up on MT4

    Thanks to anyone who may be able to help

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