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    That is easy. Babypips Blogs since those guys speak directly to us like mentors/traders and not some analyst that has an agenda

    Sorry, but I would NOT use the blogs on this site...
    For example:


    And look where the AUD/JPY has gone since that "idea!" That was not sound FA; I laughed when I read it, and I'm just a novice. I used this example because the AUD/JPY is all I'm trading right now. When I googled AUD/JPY looking for some in-depth fundamental analysis that is how I found that blog, quickly discounted it and went on to find better FA. One I use is DailyFX. They have good articles, calenders and tables summarizing key fundamental information needed when trading.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this site. I am a proud alum from the School of Pipsology and recommend it to others who might want to try FX. However, I have done my graduate work outside of this site.

    Find a few good daily FA sources that fit your liking (there are some good recommendations in this thread for sources outside this site) and learn the key fundamentals of each economy you are trading and how those fundamentals correlate to the pair you are trading. Again using the AUD/JPY as an example, I have learned that it's not just gold and oil that drive this pair but clearly other important factors too - there are sound long and short correlating fundamentals with this pair. Here is an example of what I found for the AUD/JPY:

    Publications from UmeŚ University: 1047 - A comparison of the prediction performances by the linear models and the ARIMA model

    Did I understand all that crap about regressors, etc? Heck no!! (kudos to you smart guys that understand that stuff) But, I gleaned some valuable info about the the Royal Boomer and the Yen that has helped me greatly in successfully trading this pair. I'm a big TA guy; I love TA - it fascinates me. However, a good dose of FA with your TA will make you a more disciplined trader which was something I sorely lacked before I got serious about trading, and it will allow you to be more confident with your TA too.

    Well, that's my 2 pips worth anyhow.
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    Then dont follow the blogs on here instead use the tools tab. This tells you the news events that are coming up along with what the expected release should be. From there do you own analysis and go from there.

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    Bloomberg, Reuters, Wallstreet Journal, Market Watch, BBC and so on.

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    Default Reuters

    I've actually found Reuters regular web site to be surprisingly good. The key is not to rely on the headlines the post but to run searches. They have a lot of market-moving headlines that they just don't post on the main page, but are available via a search.

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    I definitely use
    1. Resource number one, this is always.
    2. forex blog here also I read only about major factors
    3. Forex Market news for daily and weekly analysis.
    4. Forex Factory for some news and economic calendar

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    Has anyone checked out NetDania.com Their netstation offers all kinds of charts and streaming news, I have their app and it
    sends me important updates. I'm sure its not the most "real time" source out there, but for the price, (free) I think its worth it.

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    Baby Pips What more do you need ?

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    Well fundamental analisys is no subjective as technical, it is a very abstract and ambiguous thing, it is not li ema crosses when you have to wait for a signal. With fundamental you have a whole new world, you can do news trading or use the calendar data as a whole or just using GDP as indicator, who knows. You also have stock exchange activity, natural disasters, politicals, usw (etcetera in german). NOT AN EASY THING TO DO.

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    forexpros.com seems quite useful.
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