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    Aug 2016
    Hi guys. I'm a fresher. Please let me bit of time to picture myself around.
    Soon coming with clear appearance.

    See u!!!

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    Aug 2016

    Default Newbie!!!

    Hello Everyone I am very New to Forex, Futures etc. I'm studying which one will work best for me to start with. I heard forex is pretty hard to start with. I don't know anyone who is in my city doing this on there own like I am. Most of them have been starting with the Forex Clubs which I think i would rather save my money for the markets. When it does get to the point I need help I will invest in a mentor or coaching but for now still learning the mechanics and the terminology things like that since it is so new to me... I am a single mom, with a two year old baby boy.. I wanna build something for both of us and also something he can use for his future. I am a senior in psychology i was pretty great at statistics going to find a way to maybe incorporate that.. But anyhow who else is new to this and where has your journey led you so far any tips or things we can share... here is my mugshot! take care
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    Sep 2015
    Heres my mugshot
    Name:  2015-12-25 18.31.42.jpg
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    Aug 2016
    I am here with my chief, the Hon. Jack Lew, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, where all the USD pips come from.

    Name:  Reirement w_ Jack Lew 1.jpg
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    Also a mug shot from the Pentagon.

    Name:  IMG_6000.jpg
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    Nov 2007
    Hiii, how's the learning going with you?

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    Dec 2016
    Name:  IMG-20150630-WA0000.jpg
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    New kid on the block. The name's William

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    Aug 2016
    Sunny Southern California
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    Hello all

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    Feb 2017

    Red face Nice to meet you guy

    Hello, My name is Kim and now i want to invest in forex. I am looking for to seeking where is the best place in order to trade. Please reply if you know. Thank you

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    Feb 2017
    Hi there guys, I am new to this forum so I thought I'd post a picture! I am a student in uni studying economics and finance. Name:  Snapchat-285236228.jpg
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