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    Jul 2012
    This is 1goal , newbie to the community and thank you for a warm welcome. Looking forward to a great and enjoyable moments with lots of knowledge and PROFIT..
    Thanks to everyone in this community......

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    Sep 2012
    Hi everyone.

    Am Manny, and Am actually not new to forex or trading, I started 10 years ago.

    But unfortunally I was young (and dumb ), had no patience, was lazy, even fat and had the "get rich quick" mentality.

    Well that didnt go well and I blew up my account several times...

    Then just quitted.

    After this and after my doctor told me I was on the verge of a heart attack because of my high cholesterol and bad lifestyle I knew I had to change my life, So I went back to school and studied business psychology and practiced lot other stuff (i.e. meditation, etc.).

    So I finally got up from my behind and changed my lifestyle, eating habits, relationship with my kids and family !!

    It took many years, it was not easy, but my life has turned 360 degrees and Am ready to give trading another chance.

    Even thought am a pretty good at psychology am still new to a lot of the trading psychological stuff, so I hope to learn more from Dr. Pipslow's teachings.

    Am also going to put aside all the stuff (Junk!) I think I know about trading and start from zero! (kindergarten).
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    Sep 2012
    New York
    Hello everyone i am Glenn and i've been trading forex live for about 10 months with 3 months of demo behind that. I'm still finding the strategy that works best for me. I've read through for the past few days and i'm looking to find some new strategies and brush up on the building blocks as i progress through my trading career. i've found the "school of Pipology" quite informative and a very nice learning tool, i wish i had found this place 10 months ago it probably wouldve saved me a bit of capital lol. Anyway looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone!

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    Cyclopip Guest
    Hello and welcome, everybody! Glad to see this party is alive and kickin’!

    I just thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself and join the fun here. I’m Cyclopip. Yep, that green face you see to your left belongs to me. I know, I know… Handsome, ain’t I?

    But there’s more to me than meets the eye. (Get it?! Haha!) Beneath my thick green skin lies a gentle giant, often misunderstood. As a matter of fact, ever since I was a young’un I’ve been searching for my place in this world.

    I tried my hands at underwear modeling and hairstyling for a while, but for some weird reason, those career paths didn’t work out. And then I met the FX-Men and discovered forex trading… and I knew I had found my calling!

    Since then, I’ve been all about forex. I’m obsessed about cross currency pairs in particular because they offer so many different and exciting trading opportunities. As a matter of fact, I run a blog all about cross currency trading here on… the Currency Cross-Eyed blog!

    You may have noticed from my past blog entries that I’m a bit of a sports nut. Yep, next to forex (and fried bunny ears), there’s nothing I love more than sports!

    Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell! If you want to get in touch with me for any reason whatsoever (like if you think we have a lot in common and want to be buddies), drop by my blog and leave me a comment.

    Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite (much)! I’m also on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook… ‘cause, you know, a monster’s gotta stay connected!

    Again, welcome to! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Sep 2012
    Hello everybody!
    My name is NIK05, i'm da price catcher with average (2+ years) experience in live trading. Have my own everydayweekdeveloping trading strategy, that I try to follow (but not always))) . Being introduced in FX structure & basics, I decided to learn this deeper. I was reading many books about trading strategies, money management & psychology. A few months later I finally felt myself fully armed and only after that I decided to open my first real account. From that time and till now i'm in the game!
    I try to always be a student in trading, cause it helps me to stay on the right way.
    That's why I'm here now. I see here's a tons of information required.

    P.S. Just passed some tests in school section & found that your training/testing method is the coolest thing I've ever seen, great job guys!

    Good luck to all!!!

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    Mar 2007
    Hi everyone!

    I'm Happy Pip, lady trader of the commodity currencies here on As some of you might know, I have a blog called Playing with the Comdolls which has my regular weekly take on the comdolls and some trades here and there.

    I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, Rachel Ray, Kathy Lien, and carry trade. Unless I'm busy whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen, I usually spend a few hours watching the charts carefully as I hunt for trade setups or chatting with my comdoll buds over at the Comdolls Section of the forums.

    Although I've been trading for a few years now, I'm sure I could learn from a lot of y'all when it comes to managing my trades and maximizing my profit potential so don't be shy to drop a comment or two when I post my trade ideas! I really love it when I receive feedback from my fellow traders

    That's pretty much all I got for now. See you around!

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    Sep 2012
    Hi, I am shere0901 and I am 23. I am also a student of computer science and engineering. Online income is my most interesting things. I am very beginner on forex. But I want to income more money from online. But I cannot enough support from any online earning site.Someone tell me that if you want to earn more money on online , you can just forex trading. Because forex trading can give you profitable money . It is important to learn about forex as a beginner. I am also beginner user on babypips forum. One my rlated friend suggest me that if you want to learn about forex , you become a member of babypips forum , because this site can give you more reliable and important information about forex trading by perticipate in the discuss. Hope that I can learn about forex in this site and I wish to help all of the member in this site , so that I can manage my forex trading properly and earn profitable money like that a successful traders. Thanks all and babypips forum athority.

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    Sep 2012
    Hello everyone! New to the babypips trading message boards. Looking to learn a lot from the other members here and glad to be aboard.

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    Jun 2012
    Hi All,
    I am James, trading off and on since 2004. I intend to go full time some time next year. Completed all the lessons in the school here to be confident that I am ready. I have my strategies and plans in place so am just looking forward to getting back to full time now. Always ready to recommend Babypips to my friends and happy to admit, I have learned more here than anywhere else! Cheers.

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    Jun 2011
    Santa Cruz - Bolivia
    Hi, I am Mr. Gone, my avartar doe not reflect Mr Gone character because it is not MG, it's Roy Bathy from Blade Runner, a replicant designed to be identical to humans except for their emotions, replicants aren't suppossed to have emotions. I was soppossed to be a Replicant Trader but it is not posible to control emotions.

    I've been trading for more than three years now but recently i've been profitable so i guess all sacrifice worth it. Anyway, I am a big fan of price action, it means no indies.


    Here i leave you with a drawing of MR Gone:

    Name:  Mr_Gone_by_NegativeGrr.jpg
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