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    Default RULES + Welcome to the Introduce Yourself forum

    Greetings, newbie! Welcome to the forums!

    Here you will find like-minded individuals discussing everything under the sun about forex trading. From forex psychology to trade ideas to chart patterns and indicators – it’s all here!

    But before you dive in, take a moment to introduce yourself so our tight-knit forex community can get to know you a little better. Come on, don’t be shy! Make your post worthwhile by sharing where you're from, what your trading experience is, why you've joined the best forex community on the planet, and anything else about yourself.

    Some other things to keep in mind:
    1. Keep posts on topic - which means about YOU.
    2. Ask any forex trading questions in one of the other forums. Non-introduction posts will be moved
    3. Post/replies made to the Introduce Yourself forum are NOT counted towards your post count.

    To get the ball rolling, let me introduce myself.

    My name is Dr. Pipslow, and I’m a member of’s FX-MEN.

    I’ve been around for over 600 years. Yeah, I guess you can say that I’m somewhat of an old timer, but it doesn’t really bother me because I like to think that I age like fine wine.

    In my many years of existence, I’ve come to learn many things. As a matter of fact, I have degrees in Pipsychology, Pipmatics, Piponomics, Yoyo-ing, and Rollerblading. But what I’m most proud of is my PhD in Mustache Growing. Yeah, some of those degrees don’t really help with forex trading, but that doesn’t make them any less cool!

    If you guys want to get in touch with me, you can drop by my blog, Pipsychology. There,
    I discuss forex trading psychology and share tips on how you can develop the mental edge you need to become the best trader you can be.

    Now that you’ve all gotten to know me a little better, it’s your turn to share a thing or two about yourself. We’ll be waiting!
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    Hello.. My name wirabayu06..
    I just visit this forum and saw my favorite mentor wrote this thread to greet ours.
    So, if anybody don't introduce or too shy, maybe i'll go first..
    (hehe... based on the second post, I will be your first student Dr.Pipslow, after waiting 600 years ^.^)

    I'm from Indonesia, and start trading (demo) six month ago until now. Most people in Indonesia still think trading is a taboo bussiness. I too, but it just before i get introduced by my friend how trading really are.

    At first, i only ignored this bussiness. Until i had internal problem. And becoz of that, i loss everything i have and beloved, even lost my dream. I fail to reunite my parents, i fail to realized my parents dream, fail to married, fail to protect my daugther, and loss all my money and dream becoz of that... Enough the sad thing that makes my 'heavygear' move very strongly to search 'way' step forward.

    I start to realize fx potential. The time, liquidity, flexibility of place, without anyone order or just myself, and BIGGEST!! the LIMIT!!! Yes, the first time i realize a bussiness that have its limit is MYSELF. Very big different from my current job, that its limit is not myself, but the system...

    It's all bout me, and why i choose trading as my bussiness later until i get my ultimate dream...

    Even i have brain above average (based on very good performance & achievment at school & work), doesnt influence me to think lightly. I realize successful come from very hard work, discipline, patient, consistent, and determined. My first analyze to accel my step forward is learn mentality and emotion of trader by take ur class Dr.Pipslow.. I realize if i can handle this emotion, my trading skill will dramatically followed, along with increase my trading experience....

    Hope i will be the first ur good student that success in the future Dr.Pipslow ^.^
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    Ho there. My name is Artamba, and I'm entirely new to both Forex and Babypips. I'm 16 turning 17 in a month, I'm still in school (Although I'm probably spending too much time reading about Fx rather than doing work), and I love video games.

    Recently a friend of mine introduced me to both Forex and Babypips and I'm very glad he did. I've discovered a passion for Forex over the past month and I absolutely love learning about it. There's a lot more to Forex than I originally thought (and I like that), so I'm going to stick with it and perhaps one day make some moneys out of it.
    I still have a bit of a way to go before I even start trading a demo account seriously, and even longer til I start making some money off Forex, so I'm going to take it slow and learn as much as I can until I know I'm ready.

    And I'd just like to mention that the Babypips community is probably the best and most helpful community I've ever encountered on the internet. I'm excited to learn, and I know that the wonderful people here are here to help.

    Thanks guys!

    Also, hello Wira! I join you under the teachings of Dr Pipslow! :P

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    Hi, my name is TCP2012. My brother and law introduced me to Forex and then proceeded to blow up my account three times. After the third time I decided I could not do any worse so I jumped in with a demo account. That was nearly 4 years ago and I admit that I am still learning. But it is fun and I am finally seeing some results. I cannot retire off my trading profits but at least my family and I can take a nice vacation and not have to worry about the bill once we return. I only trade twice a day now and there are days where I do not trade at all. My main time is the London closing period and the New York closing window. I am hoping to meet up with others who might trade at these times. I would love to bounce some ideas off you.

    Take care.


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    I´m MarioFX, I´m 44 and am from Perú. I´ve been an entrepreneur for almost all my life. But sadly can´t say I´ve succeeded, still meanwhile I´ve learned a lot about myself and people. I always dreamt of a company in which I needn´t give orders, because everyone knows what to do, my dreamt F1 Race team, that´s why they were selected, but didn´t happened. I´m a believer that making mistakes is human, but getting better is also human, so I couldn´t stand people don´t being responsible for their errors, not even trying to understand what and why things went wrong and take corrective actions. That´s how I started to look something at which I could be good, 100% responsible of my actions and no one to take care off because when I did, they didn´t even mind to think if I was struggling and if I needed more help form my team, sad enviroment. Still business is what I like so now I´m starting a Hydroponics Farm (little one) while learning about commodities, futures and options. I´m getting into real states for capital growth and passive income and started FX a year ago (just warming up) honestly I´ve lost some money, but though I went to University, I dropped twice, so I take it as my education costs. Hope to be able to fit in your community.
    All The Best to All

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    Hi there, Ken014 here..

    I got this website from someone whom I don't know at all (a stranger) from another community (PUA). I just met him in one event and when I was told that he was trading FX, I asked him how I can learn more about it, he referred this website. I really love the Idea of successful people and those who aspire to be, share great thoughts and give more value to everyone. I find this website so cool, it brings out the child within me (because of the corny Jokes LOL, which makes me laugh by the way (sometimes just smile))

    About me, My online name is always Ken and my real name is Keene (I guess you see the connection?), a Filipino and currently 22 years old. I have been reading quite a number of books, one of which is the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Robert Kiyosaki has many vehicles for getting rich but he didn't mention FX, he should have tried it. hahaha...

    Because of this book, I sought of ways to become wealthy, it has become one of the things that I pursue the most, aside from being a world class drummer, and having a wonderful family of my own. And yup, i play the drums (Gears are quite expensive, all the more drives me to be rich), I have a band in our church and also a couple of bands outside. Going back, I've tried network marketing and didn't find much success in it. However I was really thankful because it created more yearning and learning on my end for pursuing my dreams. I met people who are really driven to succeed and I've personally known and seen some who succeeded on it. And then, I met the Fx traders who does MLM as well. I love the Idea that this is both a skill and a game, the more you know about it and do it (the right way), the better you get. And the better you get, the richer you become. I decided that whatever happens, I will become rich. If one way doesn't work, I'll find another. Life long learning. Hope that I found the right track now..

    Whoever manages this site, more power to you guys.. More power to all of us..

    To Success!

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    Hello . . . my screen name is brookela and I live in Williamsport, PA (USA). I am a 72-year-old female and have been interested in forex since I first heard about it, maybe 15 years ago. I'm a slow starter, and a procrastinator, and the books I bought on various forex subjects are in storage 150 miles away. But I've opened a demo account and now I'm trying to get some of the basics of forex to stay in my aged brain long enough to make some practice trades and see what happens.

    I'm not looking to get rich, but making a little extra cash couldn't hurt. My older daughter and her younger daughter and I live in a former crack-house I bought here, close to said older daughter's older daughter. who lives just down the highway. My daughter has not had a regular job with benefits since her job as a Comcast Dispatch Supervisor was moved 164 miles away from where we lived in Lehigh County PA, and she decided not to apply for one of the supervisor spots. She's making a pittance using her beauty school license cutting hair in a salon - no insurance, no over-time, no benefits at all. At my age you probably figured that I'm already retired, collecting social security and a small pension from my last job of 31 years.

    The economy is tough all over, but we're allowing the Universe to provide an up-tick in our lives. In the meantime, I'll just boogie through the wonderful classes available from BabyPips and see whether it's possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

    Bright blessings,


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    8 jantrivia1528 from brunei. i'm new to forex. I work as a civil servant for the pass 15 years. The things i like in forex is the lingo or it special slang It seems sophisticated, educated and sometimes ansd helps me at annonying my friends. the language lingo in forex draw me to actually experience the wall street feelings just like in the movie. I'm not gonna wear suits though cos here is really humid.

    not yet regiester to actual account yet, playing the demo always got burned. my analysis is not yet there. me and my friend always got burn playing the demo account. the things is we dont have any strategy when to go long or short. luckily for us it just a demo account but need to polish my skill and the school here really helps.

    i thanks to whoever made this website. it really does help to understands those sophisticated lingo. got to go need to annoy my friend with some trading strategy i learned from u FX men.


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    My name is wind yus nugroho...
    Forex is interesting me since 2011,but I don't have time to learn it, then I decide to investing my money to someone that people said "masta of forex".. But the end of the day I lost contact with that "masta" & I lost my money too....
    It's a hard year for me.....
    And now I try to learn forex by my self... Need to stand by my own foot....
    and here I am... Don't know how to start....
    But I am ready to learn....

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    Hi All,

    I am Abdul Latif Usman, very new to forex still in elementary class of pipsology school. I would like help on how to read charts and how to make charts with different strategies. Any help welcome.

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