I'm Martín Sánchez, a mexican marketing student with a heart full of greatness. I've been working and studing since I was 15, <3 love my family and my girlfriend and no friends (they are considered family too). I just discovered forex and I wan't it!!!

My bro Mike and I refused to live mediocrity and we yearn to fight for a better life, mindset and wellness for everyone in our town. Like Les Brown said, there's no dream that was not given. My dream is to have an eternal growing life that allows me to be whatever I want, helping people to reach their finest destiny, showing the world that good people exist. Also, I think that good people loose against bad people when they aren't bolder, faster, stronger, better than they are... I'll have an elite amongst the elite team giving away hope, happiness, love, opportunities and posibilities.

I know it takes hardwork, but I trust process and I always search for mentors that cut the learning process. Please, let my know if you can be my mentor or partner, I never forget and I'm dragon-fierce loyal.

I'll take the school this amazing website provides, and I'll share it with my people. Hope to find some of you in person