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    Default New To Forex Trading

    Ashveer from South Africa. Want to learn how forex trading works and also adopt some strategies and grow from there. Hoping I can start trading in 6 months from now.

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Pip school at this site was the first part of my education. F

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    Hey, Ashveer. You are at right place to learn Forex from very basic to advance. Join the babypips school from the website and start learning. Hope you can do well with learning so that you can start trading soon.

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    Good day peeps, ashraf here from south africa, im 28 years of age and just started reading up on forex trading 2 months back and i love it...i just finished the lesson here at babypips and gratuated.. now i want to open my dwmo account and start trading practicing and getting to know the system..any tips out there as to what my next best step should be before opening a dwmo account and any sites as to where i can gather more information ..thanx guys love to hear from u.

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