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    Cool Hi everyone


    I'm new on this forum.

    Let's introduce myself: I'm an IT guy, highly disabused by the market I come from.
    I moved in London about just one year ago (the 22 of march 2016, remember the Brussel attacks, it was this day...), without even having the slightest knowlegdge about UK, it's culture, and just english language, I learnt everything on my way, down the streets of Harlesden, Wembley, and Acton, since I stay around the corner of Willesden Junction, I like car places, I'm a car guy after all. But it's sad I lost a part of my fam. in a car accident years ago, I was not involved in this, while since then a survived the worst in term of accidents, without even a single scratch on my body. In the end, I helped my company not to pay taxes and I quit the helpless country I was from, pushed out toward the exit by this filthy system. I don't mind, I'm perfectly concious my country's politics and economics system won't survive the next decade. And it's a G8 country... but this is not important. NO, Im not from US since english is not my mother tongue. Otherwise, you don't really need to know exactly where I'm from, this is not important.
    Surprinsigly, London is a incredibly slow city for me, everybody is moving and thinking so slowly, and weakly... Most of ppls are totally worn out by this city, like zombies, while I was building up my body so hard, I'm machine-like now. I can ride my bike for 80km without any tireness or muscle pain, rolling over thousands of steps and millions of cobblestones almost on a daily basis when the weather allows it, without feeling pain, nor cold. My mind changed as much as my body, maybe even more. I stopped smokin' 2 packs of cigs a day, I even restarted to go to gym whereas I wake up at 6/7 o'clock in the morning.

    I did some IT certifications in UK, in the end I couldn't get any job, my profile is to specific and all the jobs I'm shapped for need extremelly hi level of clearance (at least DV) and british nationality on top of that.

    I totally forget about finding a regular job, it's not for me, I know I'm not shapped for that anymore, I'm to old.

    I'm in a very tight situation just right now, so I'm making my move back into business, and for that I'll need some cash. I'm concious it can take some time so I do it just right now, before having stuggles. I haven't made a single legit quid since september 2015. Even finding a job is, in the end, is an endless ordeal. In the end, the only "jobs" I could get, it's so dirty I can't even speak about it, and by moving here, I had in mind to walk straight without messing around, I prefered to stay unemployed and keep going on my own money-reserve, earned from my previous business, rather than ending in one of the worst dark-business existing down this wicked world, oncoming slowly but surelly to its end.

    But I've a strong faith in science, since I'm a kid, I'm always watching at nature and its strong problem-solving skills, if I had 1 billion on my accounts right now, I would just keep 10/20 millions for myself and invest everything else in scientific projects, it's what this world need the most to overcome the XXIth century.
    I can be a nice guy, but I know in the end nice ppls are rare, so when it comes to business, I don't know any form of mercy. Business is business, and it is totally relentless, I'm perfectly concious about it.

    I'm not exactly new to exchange market, I used to be a cryptocurrency trader and miner for years, before having my life accident which led myself into several failled suicide attempts.
    Fiat currency market is just the same, but with a lot more predictability, and I know some traders from the city including forex traders. But they are pretty busy so it just makes sense for me to join this specialised community.

    Now it's time for me to go into this market for good.
    Most of my questions 'll be about the law stuff, I don't have any ideas about UK's business law, and in the place I come from, the gouvernment doesn't even has any mean to apply law so everybody cheat and rip-off the taxes system without the slightest consideration for it, so, I'm not really used to it, complying with any form of regulation and paying taxes is really new to me.

    It's about all regarding me. See ya guys later down the pages of this forum.
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